Hello friends.
It has been almost a year since my family made the move to Weiser, ID and what a year it has been.  I made the leap to open a storefront, which has brought many new faces to the shop along with some familiar ones, survived my first Fiddle Fest as a shop owner, and became a part of a community (both work and home) that have been so loving an accommodating that I often wonder why we didn’t discover Weiser earlier.  Along with all this good came some very difficult news though.  Our son’s health has taken a turn and is going back in for surgery.
This development requires me to close the shop for the length of E’s stay at the hospital.  To all of you who live here in Weiser, this will only be for about a week to ten days.  I realize many of you already think that I am never open but can I just say…I am ALWAYS at the shop!  Either I’ve forgotten to flip my sign (I know, it’s a horrible habit!) or you’ve been by before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m.  It is going to feel like I am NEVER open over the next week or so but I promise I will be back and you will even be seeing a new face at the shop to say hi and help out!  As for my other business, BedHead Designs, it is on “vacation” until August 1st.
For everyone else reading this post, I apologize.  You signed up for the newsletter because you wanted to hear about new projects going on/available, or maybe you wanted to know when there would be a class or two and I’ve let you down.  There has been so much stress and just getting from day to day that I didn’t think there was anything worth sharing but that is changing.  While my son is recouping from this surgery I will be working on the details of a list of classes already put together.  There will be brainstorming, note-taking, and researching being done for some fun happenings this fall while E heals!  I may even invite you into my home while I re-upholster my couch and design my living room…we’ll see.
Finally, to my support group, there is no amount of thanks I can give to fully express my gratitude toward you.  There have been a few new-comers to this small group and to you I am especially grateful.  You were warned (by myself and others) that I can be onry and unpleasant when I am stressed about E; I’m not sure you believed it until you experienced it for yourself.  You stuck by me and dealt with my moods, there are truly no words, just love.
Thank you all for the well-wishes, prayers, thoughts and love sent our way during this difficult time.  You are so appreciated and loved.  It’s time for me to get going so, until next time!