Another Monday has come and here I am at my desk trying to think of something to say.  I want to complain about the heat, which has been brutal this past week, but then I  think, everyone else is suffering as well as me, so I don’t really need to flog a dead horse.   
I do hope you are managing to find ways to stay cool.  I’m often tempted to stop where Hwy 95 crosses the Weiser River and join the kid’s in jumping off the bridge into the water, but I’m not that courageous.  So I head home.  I have a really old air conditioner which I turn on low (it keeps the house around 77 degrees), and I use fans to blow the air around so It stays pretty comfortable.  I know it sure feels good when I come in from the outside.  My husband, who loves the heat, doesn’t sit outside for too long either before he heads back inside.
I really feel sorry for my few remaining chickens.  Between the dog incident and a family of foxes, I only have four left.  It’s too hot to keep them locked up in the chicken house so  I bought one of those mister things and I put it behind a fan that I have in the window so it will suck some of the cooler moist air inside.  It works pretty well until about three in the afternoon, and then there’s nothing that helps until the sun gets behind the barn and that side of the chicken coop is in the shade. 
I thought my 15 year old turkey, Stretch, was going to die of heat stroke one day this past week.  He was breathing so hard.  Too much heat is just not good for man nor beast.
The swamp coolers in the center have been keeping things comfortable here.  If you need a place to get out of the heat, feel free to stop by and visit for a while.  I’m usually here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday’s and Ursula is here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get overheated.  You could end up with heat stroke or worse.  But, you know that right?
On Wednesday, July 19th we will be having our Food Pantry from 2 to 3 in the afternoon.  The room is air conditioned and you can wait your turn in the centers back room until you are called so it shouldn’t be too hot for anyone.
I have been playing with one of my desktop publishers and I’ve gained a rudimentary working knowledge.  I managed to get menu’s for August and September ready and I will be sending them out soon. 
Speaking of food, Here is next week’s menu:
Wednesday, July 12th @Noon:  Meatloaf, baked potato, sour cream, rolls, peas, salad, and coconut cream pie.
Friday, July 14th @5:30 PM:  Chili con carne, corn bread, salad, pears and dessert.
Wednesday, July 19th @Noon:  Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, rolls, beets and rhubarb crisp.  Friday, July 21st @5:30 PM:  Pizza, salad, peaches and dessert.
            Until next week, stay calm cool and collected.