In the fall of 2016 Nate Marvin retired from the position of Public Works Director and Purchasing Agent for the city of Weiser. Michael Campbell along with others applied for that position. On July tenth at the monthly Weiser City Council Meeting, Campbell was voted in and appointed as the new Public Works Director and will also be the city's Purchasing Agent. “The purchasing side of the job I have a great grasp on and know how it works, with the public works side of the job I will have to have some training,” stated Campbell.

Michael Campbell was born and raised in our small town community of Weiser and is a Wolverine graduate. His family has been living here for a long while, with his Great Great Grandparents homesteading here. Campbell is no stranger to serving in our community, he and his family organize the “Toys for Tots” program and Campbell is the current president of the Ole’s Mens Social Club that raises money for needs in the community. With his newly appointed position he will be serving the city of Weiser even more.

Since 2014 Campbell has been working for the city as the Deputy Purchasing Agent. When the opportunity to work for the city came available Campbell jumped on it. “A few friends told me about the job and recommended I apply. I wanted a career and one that would be gratifying for me and allow me to serve my community.” Through this endeavor he has gained a lot of knowledge in the department that will help him in his new position.

Campbell, along with his wife Mallisa and two children, Jordan and Mason, plan to stay right here in Weiser and he shared that he would like to retire working for the city,“I love my little town! It’s a great community.” Campbell said that he felt confident in his new position and is excited to learn the Public Works part of his new job. “I’m excited, it is actually an honor to work for the city. I am a city servant. I am here to serve the public. It’s a privilege.”   

Campbell looks forward to serving the community in this new capacity and shared, “All our department heads are really good right now, they are amazing. They each have a lot of experience in their positions. If you were to add up all the years of experience with the department heads you would be amazed. Being trained by all these knowledgeable people that have a very firm grasp on this, I feel I am lucky. I get to learn from the best. They are all the best at what they do. It is amazing what our small town has with our small crew and what they can accomplish.”