Upper Country Heat Wave!  For those of you reading this elsewhere, this area suffered with 100 degrees and above temperatures for nine days! On Saturday at 6:30 pm, Jack Coburn’s little “weather station” registered 108 degrees. The good news; with a two mile an hour wind, the wind chill registered at 106!
Daniel Webster has come to the Midvale Library! Many thanks go to Barbara McClay, who donated a second edition, 1934 Webster’s Dictionary to spend a few months in the library. It is filled with illustrations and lots of added information. Thanks also to Wilfred Fox, who loaned his classy handmade stand to display it, and to Jack Coburn for delivering it to the library.

Lane Williams and his wife Elsa held an indoor sale at their Merc building on the 4th of July, with all of the proceeds going to benefit the Midvale Pool.  With thanks to those who donated wonderful items for the sale they were able to raise $825. 
The people of this community always step up to help improve our community and to help our own in times of need. All of the events during the Midvale 4th of July celebration are examples of that.  

Another project that was wonderfully supported by our community is the new playground equipment that is soon to be delivered to the Midvale park. That project was sponsored by the Midvale Community Partners.
And of course, you can't miss the new restrooms that are being installed in the park. They will be a great addition to our community They are being funded by the Friends of the Weiser River Trail and by local donors.  
These projects are in addition to all of the continuous work and dedication of our own city council and Mayor. Much of what they do goes unheralded, but  it is much appreciated.  They are always working for us.  We'd like to send out a big thank you to them.
What a great place to live.
Other July Fourth News… Karen Meyer reports that everything went well! Over 300 enjoyed the BBQ, there were plenty of salads and desserts and she thanks everyone who supplied them. She says that over 450 ducks were adopted and adds, “It was the fastest duck race in history and lots got away!”   This despite the valiant efforts of a “recovery team”  below the bridge.
The fundraiser auction held for John Davis was a great success but your reporter was unable to reach anyone with the final total raised, so will save that for next week. Along with a number of other July 4 stories! Lots of folks still have company and evidently others escaped to cooler locations?
Eclipse Stamps… may be purchased at the Midvale Post Office and your reporter couldn’t resist getting two sheets of them! The full moon eclipse is visible as long as your sheet of stamps are in low lighting but changes to a full moon when you add the sun or press your thumb over the stamp. Very fun!
Doris Jean Dale…  Visitors arriving last Thursday afternoon included sister-in-law Joyce Tuttle of Talent, Oregon, and her daughter Sheila Hamel of Ashland, Oregon. They had been in the Boise Area since July 3 visiting Viola Dale, Terry and Ann Dale both of Eagle, Marcia Dale of Boise, Clint  and Elizabeth Dale of Meridian. Joyce, Sheila and Viola went to Ontario to see cousins Geraldine Brown and Cleon Reel.
Now for the rest of the story!   Doris Jean was getting ready for company the next day and while filling the washing machine the water pump quit working! No water! She called son Byron who arranged for someone to come the next day. Joyce and Sheila arrived at 3 pm; the man came to work on the pump at 4:00. Doris Jean got an emergency supply of water from Wayne and C.I. Curtis. The pump man got it fixed enough to run one sprinkler outside and planned to come back on Tuesday.  Doris Jean sums up the experience; “This was not a good time. No time is. But this hot weather, oh my! And with company!   But you just set your mind and remember those old days when you had a pump with a handle outdoors, which is what we had in different places where we lived in those first married years!”