I’ve only got a few more days until I head off to North Carolina for my last family reunion.  The reunions, of course will continue, but this is the last trip I will make to attend one.  I’m looking forward to seeing my cousins and their children, to see how we have all grown up and are flourishing, to recant memories of when we were kids on my Grandmothers farm and all the family nonsense that both binds and repels at the same time.  Since we all have families, I’m sure you can relate to what I’m saying.
                I’m both looking forward to going and dreading l the hassle of airports,  security procedures and just the amount of time cramped up in a metal tube hurtling toward the opposite coast, not to mention the three hour layover at a hub airport until the real flight across country is ready.  Travel, just isn’t as much fun anymore.  The seats have gotten smaller, the leg room shorter and the snacks even more generic.  But what’s a girl to do, when you want to get someplace in a hurry, the airplane is the way to go.  I need to stop complaining or I might talk myself out of going and that not an option at this point.
This will be the last column, until the week of October 9th.  I want to remind you before then of Brad Talbutt from SHIBA’s (Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisor’s) visit on October 11.  He will be setting up appointments ahead of time for consultations.  You call him at 1-800-247-4422.  Otherwise, he will be speaking after lunch about what changes we might be in store for in 2018  in regards to Medicare advantage programs and also Medicare Part D (Prescription drug program).  It’s a great opportunity to compare what you have, with what else is out there.  Heck, you might even save some money to boot. Last year, when I reviewed what I had with other programs, I found that I could save about $400 by making a switch.
October’s shopping trip will be on Tuesday, October 10th.  There will a signup sheet on the front table.  Also that first week in October, Adams County health is doing free skin cancer screenings on October 6th  , just call 208-253-4242 to make an appointment. 
October 4th is also the day we will start  to sell tickets for this year’s  beef raffle. As in past years, they are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.  This is our last big fund raiser  for the year and we need everyone’s help to make it successful.
I’m going to include menu’s through October 13th, so please keep this paper on hand if you want to know what we’re serving for the time I’m away.  Or you could always call the senior center and one of our members will be happy to tell you what we are serving.  On Friday, September 29th we are having Beef barley soup, turkey sandwiches, salad, peaches and dessert.
 On Wednesday, October 4th, Ursula will be making Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, beets and pineapple dump cake.  Friday, October 6th it’s Dorito Pie with sour cream, guacamole and salsa, salad, peaches and dessert. On  Wednesday, October 11th we are serving sweet and sour chicken over steamed rice. Green beans, rolls, salad and chocolate brownies. Hopefully this is enough information to get you through until I get back from my trip.
Have a great couple of weeks everyone!