Four County Art Guild of Weiser have begun going to the schools again to shine a light on the young artists in our community.  They will be going to the schools once a month during the school year.  If you know some of these young people take a moment to congratulate them.
September Winners:
Pioneer School
1st          Makinna Nagasaka - Shark picture
2nd        Wyatt Nagy
3rd         Maddie Johnson
Honorable Mention
Kurt Longanecker
Taylor Mink
Jase Halvorson
Jackson Lucas
Park School
1st          MaKayla Bookter - Sky & Flowers
2nd        Paisley Noyer
3rd         Leah Robinson
Honorable Mention
Sage Brock
Ellie Shirts
Pearl Kaewta
Mateyah Sharrai
Weiser Middle School
1st          Ellie Horton - Letters
2nd        Sierra Vipperrian
3rd         Cameron Wood
Honorable Mention
Katarene Hilliard
Weiser High School
1st          Travis Schimnel - Portrait
2nd        Ruby McLaughlin
3rd         Stephanie Vasquez
Honorable Mention
Jaclyn Dunn
Ruby McLaughlin
Nate Rasmussen
Elijah Carter