Meet Mikel Davies, this year's Weiser Chamber of Commerce Student of the Year recipient. Mikel is a senior at Weiser high school and the son of Dave and Holly Davies. He is in the middle of four children with two older brothers, Luke and Matthew, and a younger sister, Kate. Mikel shared that he is deeply honored to receive this award, “It was such a surprise, because I didn't even know I was nominated.” 
Mikel is an amazingly busy young man. He is active in  Cross Country, Track and Field, Chamber Singers Choir, and the Jazz Band at Weiser High, as well as a member in several clubs and organizations. Some of those clubs are HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), FHLA (Future Hispanic Leaders of America),Leos, Red Wave, and W Club. Mikel is currently the President of the Science Club, ASB Vice President and was recently crowned Homecoming King. Mikel laughs when he shared how he, not a hispanic youth, ended up in FHLA. “I went to a meeting on an accident. I heard the acronym over the announcement and thought it was another club I am involved in, so I went. Mrs.Pulido and some other kids were there and obviously it was aimed at hispanic students, but since I was already there I stayed. I paid my dues and became a member ” Mikel decided to stay and is glad that he did. He shared that he has learned a lot about the culture both here locally and in general. “I have been in the club for the last two years and it’s been pretty cool.”
With all these activities along with school work Mikel also makes time for volunteer work. Mikel has had several opportunities to serve through his membership in clubs like the Science Club, Leos, and FHLA. He also volunteers regularly for Fiddle Week, in his mom's classroom, and for the Ho Ho Express. Mikel  also volunteers through his church helping the Ontario area in their food pantries. One way he shared that they help the food pantries is by gathering donations of food and clothing for them, “The first Sunday of the month we as a congregation collect non perishable food items and clothing and we take them to the food pantries. It’s kinda cool to see on those Sundays all the things collected by our congregation. We don't have a large congregation, but we can collect a lot.” When speaking of the Ho Ho Express, Mikel shared that he has volunteered every year during his high school career. “It’s a really good experience that I think is pretty unique to Weiser. I really enjoy that, you get a lot out of it.”
After graduation Mikel plans to attend an out of state school and has plans to apply for schools such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Boston University, University of Alabama, and a few schools here in Idaho as well. Mikel is interested in two different medical career fields, Biomedical Engineering, and he would like to become a surgeon in either Neuro-Surgery or Cardiothoracic-Surgery. “Chiefly I want to study medicine and then I’d like to do engineering as my undergrad, because medicine is really competitive and I would love to have that to fall back on.” Mikel shared that he really loves school and is good with the added time of medical school and stated, “I like to learn”.  Mikel, like other seniors, had to do a job shadow project. Mikel chose to job shadow at St. Alphonsus in Ontario, watching surgeries. “There's some really cool people there. Initially I had planned to just shadow for a morning, but then they invited me back for two more days. I ended up shadowing for three days in the OR. I got to watch twenty-five surgeries. It was so cool!” 
Mikel had several people he wanted to thank for encouraging him and helping him throughout the years, “I want to thank my parents because they put up with me doing all theses activities and volunteering. I want to thank my grandparents, they are awesome and live here in town, they do a lot for Kate and I.” Mikel went on to say he is grateful for all the teachers he has had that have helped foster his love of education, “I chiefly would like to thank Mrs. Overgaard, Mr. Parsons, Mr. Franklin, and Mr. Maxfield.”  Mikel also thanks his Cross Country coach Mr. Cardenas, “He is an awesome guy.” Mikel also thanks the Shirts family. He shared that Mrs. Shirts use to be his daycare lady and now she works at the high school and Mr. Shirts is his track coach and counselor at the high school, “Their awesome too. I have known them my whole life.”