By Marsha Woods
Every pet owner knows that there is no greater love than that of the animals in their lives.  But, when that animal is sick, hurt, or needs medical attention, it is the doctors who care for them that exhibit the greatest love and give the owners the benefit of understanding, compassion and care!
Established in 1949 by Dr. Craig Rowan, well know specialist, Weiser Vet Clinic found its first beginnings in a chicken house on Commercial Street. (next to Matthews Seed.) As the reputation for care became more prevalent, the need for a larger facility to accommodate that need became more evident! Therefore, through the insight of Dr. Rowan, the new animal hospital, now located at 815 West Idaho Street was established.
The clinic has seen its share of caring, starting with the staff. Many years of kindness have passed through the hands of those you not only bandage scratches, save lives and comfort grieving pet parents.  The clinic is now co-owned by Dr. Dennis Johnson and Dr.Frank Coleman, who are assisted in their efforts by Dr. Jennie Walker and “the new girl on the block, “ Dr.Tanya Perciefield. Along with the medical staff, the clinic is home to 5 office staff, including Carol Blessinger, who has commanded the operation for 25 years! Carol has seen it all from cats, dogs, reptiles and horses, to, (hard to believe!) a camel, a kangaroo and a well-know area zebra! Her office is shared by 3 receptionists, 3 certified vet technicians, and 2 kennel people. Office assistant, Carol Gerken, humorously says that the activity at the clinic is hectic. She states, “It’s a zoo around here!”  
What is the force that draws a person to choose a career in the healing arts of animals over humans? Dr. Tanya Percifield, who grew up in on Ontario, and whose parents owned a variety of horses, can only explain it as an innate challenge.  Dr. Tanya attended Ontario High School, did undergraduate work at Oregon State, then proceeded to Texas A.and M. where she completed her studies and was then hired by WVC. She loves the challenge, where there is “something new every day.” She says that her biggest test is time management! There are never enough hours in the day! The clinics staff share on-call 24 hour duty, so must be on alert at all times. Veterinarians are the only doctors now who still make house calls.
Being chosen as Weiser’s Business of The Year is a humble honor for the clinic. It is a shared philosophy that each member of the staff is simply doing what they love! If cats, dogs, horses, cows and even kangaroos could talk, you can be assured that there would be a general consensus that these Dr.s are a very special breed!