By Marsha Woods

Children’s imaginations are a constant image of color and creativity! There is nothing that a child cannot realize if only she has the power in her soul to listen to her heart!
Growing up in Mc Call and Bergdorf Idaho, Sandra Mokwitz had an opportunity to be explorative as she walked the beaches of Payette lakes, she discovered the possibilities of the “garbage” that washed up in the sand and envisioned the ways to make them into art! Thus, Sandy began her career in Mosaics! Sandy is a restless sort who considers herself as a “Type A workaholic!” She attended college at Boise State University but soon found that it was not quite the challenge that she needed! Sandy’s personal goal was always to share her creative soul with others. After a brief career at Mountain Monet in Mc Call, and perusing other interests, the urge to share her artistic expertise and spirituality, Sandy met and married now retired DMV Mark Pritchard and the journey began! Sandy opened her store ,called it Marbella and 5 years ago offered the community an opportunity to not only come together in a  collective way, but has begun a relationship within the population that is a bond between convergence of spirit, camaraderie and similarity of interest!   
Sandy introduced the amazing artistry of mosaics to a community and her enthusiasm for sharing the kinship of spirituality and bonding of kinship did not stop with a simple ceramic shop! She has now expanded her talents, as well as her business with a Wine Bar, specializing in unique libations, Micro- Brew beers (due to her self professed expert husband,) but has added a peaceful and enigmatic patio where, one can go to experience leisure and even the fun of music when weather permits!
Sandy Mokwitz and husband Mark, “Dr Mark, “as he is known, have made a huge impact in a community where anything positive is an asset! Sandy’s biggest goal at the moment is working with the BEST program in cooperation with the After School Program! She has dedicated many hours to instructing these wonderful kids in creating a 10x 30 mosaic designed purposely for the benefit of enhancing the beautification of the town! It is her passion! She just needs a location! Sandy’s purpose in working with the kids is to invest her time encouraging them in a youthful and influential time in their lives! Her philosophy is simple! She has a motto, which we should all take heed! “Whatever you decide to make grow, you can bloom wherever you are planted!”  Sandy Mokwitz! Has a garden within her!