By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

Another week and I’m still on the puny side.  I have very little voice and my brain feels like its numb.  I really detest being sick and if someone would have told me beforehand that I would come back from the reunion with this degree of a “cold”, I don’t think I would have gone.    
My mom’s family goes back to the 1700’s in that area of North Carolina and many are members of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). Reunions in the old days had 700 to 800 in attendance.  We had 70.   I enjoyed seeing all my relatives on my mother’s side, but I was struck by the knowledge that we are a family whose line is dying out and while it was wonderful to see my first cousins, it was also a sad realization that realistically, I would never see them again in this lifetime, at least not in person.  All in all, it was a good trip, but I’m glad to be home.  I look forward to feeling better and getting back to normal. 
Do you remember when we had the folks from Adams County Health here to give a presentation on Skin Disorders/Skin Cancer?  Several of you won prizes and it was discovered that they forgot to bring them so they promised to drop them off.  Well, they did drop off the items, but I can’t remember who won them.  If you were one of the lucky ones that day, can you drop by or give me a call here to claim your gift?  The number is 208-257-3358.
I have been getting lots of scam calls lately.  One person called and told me that I needed to pay some kind of bill and wanted me to give them my credit card number!  Another called this morning saying they were from some kind of cash company,  I just told them I didn’t have any dealings with that company and hung up.  If I don’t recognize the phone number I don’t answer, but my husband feels as though if someone is calling, he should answer. Which is irritating, because when they ask to speak to me, he hands me the phone to talk to them.  Grrrr.  I keep telling him that if you don’t recognize the number, you don’t have to answer.  When you do, all it does is to put you at risk of being scammed and it lets the telemarketers/robo caller know that this is a ”live” number which can then be sold to other companies.
I did download an app for my cell phone called “should I answer”.  It automatically blocks known telemarketer and robo calls and if it’s unsure as to what type of caller it is, you have a chance to tell the app whether it’s a legitimate number or not.  It has been working great so far.  If you have a cell phone, it’s certainly something to consider.
We are in the process of selling tickets for our annual “Beef Raffle”  Thank you if you have already purchased your tickets and if not, give me a call here at the center and I’ll get them out to you ASAP.  The drawing will be held on Wednesday, December 6th.  They are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.
This Wednesday, October 18th we are serving BBQ pork, potato salad, baked beans, rolls and banana cream pie.  It is also the date of our monthly food pantry.  On Friday, October 20th, Ursula is making Chili con Carne, cornbread, salad, and dessert. 
The following week on Wednesday, October 25th, it’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, coleslaw, corn and carrot cake.  Friday, October 27th finds us serving clam chowder, turkey sandwiches, salad, apricots and dessert.  Wednesday meals are at Noon and Friday meals are served at 5:30 PM.
Have a great week everyone!  I will see you on Wednesday.