Congratulations to Cambridge Mayor Nanette Rhodes for surpassing the 10,000 average steps per day mark during the month of October while competing in the month long Mayor’s School Walking Challenge and winning $1000.00 for physical activity equipment for Cambridge Elementary School.  Mayor Rhodes had a choice of using the money for physical activity equipment in either a city park or for the elementary school and said “Of course it will go to the school!”
  The Mayor’s School Walking challenge was designed to improve children’s health by inspiring Mayors and children to walk during the month of October.  Mayor Rhodes had signed up for this challenge, which is sponsored by High Five, the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, St. Luke’s Health System and the Idaho Dairy Council, in August. It was her intent to include elementary children in events such as “A Walk With the Mayor” to promote physical activity and help get bonus steps but just before the October 1st start date, she tragically lost her husband.  Devastated, she contacted the Mayor’s School Walking Challenge organizers to let them know she didn’t think she could participate but they told her to go ahead and stay in anyway.
  After a slow start during the first week of October, Mayor Rhodes decided to pull herself together and make a real effort to get the required number of steps in to win the $1000.00 for the elementary school.
   Thursday, November 2nd she was officially notified that she was successful.  Mayor Rhodes immediately went to the Elementary School Principal, Kim Vowell and shared the news.  The fifth grade students and their teacher, Miss Petitmermet, were also informed of the exciting news and the students asked if that meant they wouldn’t need to use paper for bases anymore!  Yes, children, that is exactly what this means!
  As soon as the City of Cambridge receives the award check it will be presented to the Cambridge Elementary School.