Congrats to the Titans Football Team who completed their regular season undefeated last Saturday by scoring 56 points against Garden Valley’s 44 points.  They will host the first round of the State Tournament in Cambridge this Friday, November 3 at 5:00 pm.  Because it is a state game, all staff, students and senior citizens will pay $5 admission, and general admission will be $6 each.
Annual Veterans’ Program will be held in the Midvale School on November 9 at 10:30 am and everyone is invited to come honor our veterans. Lunch will be served for veterans and their guests after the program.
Terry and Kay Bonner enjoyed a visit with grandson Kai Petrich who lives in  Canada above New York where he owns a business. Kai and Terry went on two, one-day trips, the first one being to Salmon River and Riggins. The next day they went to Silver City where they were surprised to learn from the caretaker that the pioneer town boasts 250 homeowners. Terry describes it as a “Guy Day” and one more thing checked off of his bucket list.  
Bountiful Baskets Are Back! Those who signed up for the delivery last Friday went home with fresh and delicious butternut  squash, Kale, two heads of leaf lettuce, a big cabbage, five pears, three zucchini, a pineapple, three turnips, four apples, two tomatoes and four carrots. And all of this for an extremely reasonable price!  It’s exciting to be able to get fresh fruit and vegetables after the growing season in the Upper Country has ended. If you want to learn more and perhaps sign up, call Jenny and Steve Besel at 208-257-3241.
 From Doris Jean Dale… “Terry and Ann Dale of Eagle stopped by on Monday, Oct. 23, at the Weiser Hospital to pick up Mom Doris Jean who had a knee replacement surgery on October 17. They brought her home and stayed until Wednesday evening. Terry did some outside work such as digging the gladiola bulbs. He and Ann brought more wood to the porch and finished other fall jobs before the hard winter comes. I think I’m through with surgeries for a while as I’m all new now. (Don’t I wish!) I’m betting around real well and even went to church Sunday.”
Shannon Williams treated Wilfred and Maxine Fox and Ethel and Dean Jessup to dinner at the Coffee Cabin to celebrate Dean’s 90th birthday, and even brought her still-warm apple pie for dessert.   “We have an angel that we share in Shannon, who is awful good to us!” As Maxine says, “She knows how to get to a man’s heart!”
Jack Coburn’s day last Tuesday ended up being way more exciting than he had planned! The small fire he started by one of our ponds on a calm day suddenly sneaked away and zoomed up behind the barn and onto the dry pasture.  Early in the summer he had disked a fire break behind the barn and garden so no buildings were threatened. He immediately dashed to the house to call 911 which brought out a fire truck and crew. And though Jack had the flames mostly out with a shovel, the firemen added lots of water to finish the job. And now a week later the whole area is bright green.  Many thanks to firefighters Galen Lewis, Carson Craig and Kelley Bruce for their welcome help!