Saturday, October 28th Amanda's Small Town Fitness held their first annual Halloween Spooktacular. The public and other local gyms were invited to participate. The competition was separated into two categories; individual and partner teams. The individual category competed on a more advanced level with more barbell type challenges, while the partner teams were challenged with different workouts, many including a pumpkin brought in by the teams. 
Participants came dressed in costume ready to show their stuff performing pumpkin lunges, pumpkin partner sit ups, and even a short run around the block a couple of times with pumpkins in hand. Costumes varied from scarecrows to superman, and one team even dressed as the owners of Small Town Fitness, Amanda and Rock Stone. The turnout for the event left Amanda smiling stating, “Overall the night was a huge success! I was worried all day, but it turned out awesome!” 

The following are the winners of the event:
Costume Contest: Gayla Myers and Breanna McAlister
Team Winners:
1st Place: Brye Crockett and Tricia Johnston
2nd Place: Jason Noyer and Rock Stone
2nd Place: Makell Brugar and Maria Alder
Individual Winners:
Men's RX: Aaron Johnson
Women's RX: Gayla Myers
Teen: Bailey Stone

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