I never thought I’d say this, but lately I’ve been day-dreaming about going back to a boring office job. Somewhere that requires me only to answer phones, do some filing, maybe a report or two and would have insurance as part of the deal.  Okay, now that I see that in writing I know I could never go back to that but the stress requirements for those jobs were certainly more tolerable!  Please understand, I love what I do and will do what it takes to make it thrive but there are those days when I wonder what the heck I was thinking.
I can’t sit and complain very long (it just doesn’t do any good, right?), so after some brainstorming I found an ingenious way to combat those feelings…Craft Classes!  I love my upholstery, it is my calm place and where my heart lives, and my retail makes my heart happy with all the different ways to make the shop look pretty and to decorate the home.  Crafting though, it is where I get to be creative in different ways, turning on parts of the brain that lay dormant all too often.  I love wood crafts, but I never do them because I don’t like to haul out all that is required just for me to do it.  My kids used to craft with me all the time, but they are getting older now and have other ideas as to what is fun and worthy of their time.   Also, I run a business, a few in fact, and I will not justify spending that kind of time on a craft.  (I know, there is a whole spiel on filling up your cup just waiting to be said and shame on me for not doing so, but…) All that to say, I figured out a way to craft again and with friends!
We’ve only done two so far, but they have both been fun and successful.  Turns out, Weiser loves the DIY movement and I am all about supporting that!  I have ideas and we all have Pinterest, it’s a perfect partnership!  I think the biggest obstacle people have, beyond time, is the same as mine, we don’t want to do it by ourselves.  There is a considerable amount of time that goes into figuring out what craft to do, gathering supplies, making and then cleaning it all up.  That’s where I come in!  I am more than happy to host the classes because then I get to do the craft and hang out with ladies for a bit.  I tend to be a hermit at my shop, always at the workbench hovered over a piece of furniture but during a class I don’t have to work, I get to play and not be so hermit-ish!
The holidays are almost upon us, I’m doing my homework and coming up with crafts that aren’t so involved, as well as some that are, in hopes to have a craft class once a week for the entire season.  I’m talking about signs you can make to add to your holiday décor, easy ornaments, string art, and a few other fun ideas! Have I fully convinced you to join us for you the next craft? I bet so!  Now to get the info.  Lucky for you, there are a few ways to do that.
 *Joining the email list on my website caseygirldesigns.com It’s the best place to do that. You can also look around and see what else we’ve been up to at CaseyGirl Designs!
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If you’re a local, look for posters around town or ask around downtown, they’ll know what’s going on.
All right, that’s it!  I hope I see your smiling faces at the next class and now that you know how to find me there are NO excuses! See you soon!