Annual Community Harvest Dinner  will be sponsored by the Midvale churches on Sunday, November 19, at 1:00 PM in the Midvale School. The churches will provide meat, beverages and table service. Others are invited to bring salads and desserts or whatever you want to provide.
Signs of Winter Abound!  A flurry of snow came to Middle Valley over the weekend, but soon melted.   Since then, husband  Jack has raked up leaves from the yard three times so far and is getting tired of the slow, elongated leaf fall. Thousands of snow geese flew over on their way to warmer climes. Elsie’s brother in Mississippi was enjoying the same sight there and offered this bit of trivia; 1,500 geese (or so) travelling together is called a “skein.” Tuesday morning, as this column was being prepared, our ponds Midvale Column 11.08,17
were covered with ice.
 BINGO coming soon and you are invited to head down to the Veterans’ Hall on Saturday, November 18, for the Lions’ Club Bingo fundraiser to be held from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. There will be a fun time of games, snacks and visiting with friends. If you have any questions, please call Pat Davenport at 208-355-3525.  
Midvale Mercantile will be opening their consignment store very soon. Watch for that announcement as to when it will open and what days and hours it will be available. Customers will be able to enter at the store door in front.
Midvale Library News… The Midvale Library and the 3rd and 4th grade classes are welcoming the fall weather with  beautiful colors in faux stain glass pictures of the cornucopia. They were excited to bring over their treasures and are looking forward to everyone stopping by the Library to check them out.

The Library is selling new books for drastically reduced prices. Most of these books are hardbacks priced below paperback prices. There are limited quantities, so stop by during business hours, Monday through Saturday 1-5pm.
Patty Fuchs broke her hip about a month ago, dragged herself next to her bedroom door and Phyllis Widener found her there the next day. For which she is very thankful!  Patty had spent three days in the hospital when she asked to be returned home. She would very much appreciate your prayers for healing.
Cambridge Bible Church held their annual Harvest and Veterans’ Appreciation banquet last Sunday evening. The bounty of food served was organized by Kris Jaeger and prepared by members of the church. The menu included turkey, ham, fluffy mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, salads, delicious dinner rolls prepared by Tim Potter  and a scrumptious variety of homemade pies.  Dinner guests came from near and far, filling the fellowship hall “to the max!”
Pastor Roger Hayden was master of ceremonies and received a Pastor Appreciation gift from the congregation.   Guest speaker was Pastor Charlie Olson from the Southwick Community Church east of Lewiston who delivered a wonderful Thanksgiving message. The veterans in attendance were asked to stand to be recognized and honored one by one and lovely musical numbers were presented by the church’s worship music team.