By: Alicia Cavazos

On Tuesday November 7th Weiser Senior Center was visited by 2 new Medical Providers who will be providing Cardiology Services to our community. 

Dr. Box and Dr. Undesser are affiliates of the West Valley Medical Group in Caldwell. These providers saw a need in our area for specialized cardiology care and offered their services to help.  

Both doctors practice general cardiology and will be able to help in the treatment for high blood pressure, cholesterol and Hypertension to name a few. However, these experienced doctors will also be able to provide additional services. 

Dr. Box specializes in Interventional cardiology which he will be able to diagnosis and treat in such procedures as: an angioplasty, valve repair and valve replacements among other procedures. Dr. Box graduated medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, before completing fellowships in both cardiology and interventional cardiology at the University of Florida-Jacksonville. 

Dr. Undesser specializes in Cardiac Electrophysiology which is the science of the electric activities of the heart and will be taking on the care of anyone diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and is versed in the maintenance of pace makers. Dr. Undesser began his schooling in biology at the University of California, San Diego and later received a Ph.D. in pharmacology and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Over the next several years, Dr. Undesser completed post graduate education and training in Texas, North Carolina and California, including an electrophysiology fellowship with the Division of Cardiology at University of California, San Diego. 

It is the mission of these providers to deliver quality care to the people of Weiser and the surrounding communities. The City of Weiser is excited to have these caring and experienced doctors as a part of our medical team. 

These providers will be in the Weiser Memorial Hospital Surgical & Specialty Clinic office on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. To schedule an appointment please call 208-795-5073 and asked to be scheduled in the Weiser office.