Monday, November 6th the All-Star volleyball teams from the 3A and 2A divisions faced off for a fun game with each division's best out going seniors giving it their all in one last game of their high school careers. It is a big deal to be chosen to play on your districts All-Star team. Coaches from the 3A division met and shared information about their senior girls; what their stats were, sportsmanship qualities, behavior, and anything that might be beneficial to know about their athletes. Then those coaches vote on which girls will be placed on the All-Star team. This year two of our lady wolverines made the team; Jasmine Hall and Cami Rodriguez. 
In the 3A division there were about twenty senior girls to choose from, but only twelve girls could be placed on the All-Star team. Both Hall and Rodriguez felt like it was indeed a privilege to represent the wolverines on the All-Star team. Hall stated “There were so many of us to choose from, so I feel like it was an honor to be chosen.” and Rodriguez agreed, “I feel it was a really high honor to be chosen.” 
The All-Star team only had one practice the Saturday before the game to get to know each other and learn to work as a team. Hall shared that she was a little nervous about this, “I am use to my team and knowing they will get the ball and I had to depend on girls I didn’t know.” Rodriguez shared the same feeling about playing with a team of girls they had been competing against all year, “I was nervous about how well we would collaborate together, but we showed up to the practice and it was really, really fun. It was a really good time. I think we all knew it was a real honor to be on the All-Star team and so we took that advantage and did our best playing together.” 
3A lost to 2A, but they did go to five games and only lost by three. Rodriguez shared that “In varsity volleyball it is best three out of five and we went to five games, which is really good. It was really competitive, we were still having fun, but it was very competitive. We lost the last game, but we still had fun.” Hall shared that she felt it was a great experience, “It was one last time to play a sport that I really like.” Rodriguez too enjoyed the opportunity to play, “I really liked the chance to get to play with the other girls, it was a real fun experience. When I play sports I not only play for the competition part, but to learn skills that will be useful outside of sports. It was interesting to see how we all would collaborate together after only one day practicing together and I think that working together is a skill as an athlete that you need to be able to learn. This experience proved to me how important working with others is.”  
Jasmine Hall is the daughter of Amber Hall and the oldest of four children. Besides volleyball, Hall also participates in Red Wave club, basketball, and Track and Field. Halls plan after she graduates is to attend college and earn a degree so that she can be an elementary school teacher. 
Cami Rodriguez is the daughter of Juan and Lupita Rodriguez and she is the oldest of three children. Rodriguez also participates in track and field and is the current Weiser FFA Chapter Sentinel. Rodriguez is still torn as to which path she wants to take after graduation, she is looking into being a Veterinarian, to help in her family's cattle business, or taking a new route by going to cosmetology school.