“Check out the smiles on my first ever all girls robotic team.” stated John Lundberg, Robotics teacher at Weiser High School. This year marks the first time Weiser has had an all girls team and with that the Robotics program qualified for the Girl Power Grant and received a brand new robot kit worth $1,200. This new kit gives Weiser six teams to compete with for this years Robotics competitions. 
The Gender Benders, as they call themselves, are all freshman and are new to robotics. Team members are Corina Burr, Angela Hayden, Taylor Jensen, and Emily Sanchez. When asked why they chose to take robotics the over all answers were similar to Sanchez’s response, “I am competitive and I love a good challenge.” The Gender Benders shared that they are really enjoying their new venture, “I like the rewarding feeling of solving a complicated problem.” shared Hayden. Burr stated that she, “loves watching the little scraps turn into something great.” and Sanchez likes the, “building and creativity that goes into it.”
While the girls are enjoying robotics they are also aware of what a great opportunity it is, “It’s a privilege to get to be the first girls team and get the first girls grant for Weiser.” They feel that being an all girls team has its advantages, one being that they all are very sympathetic and caring, “We aren’t hard headed and agree with each other very easily.” One thing the group hopes is that their team can encourage more girls to try robotics, “We want to help girls realize that not everything that deals with mechanics is for boys only.”,Burr, Jensen, and Sanchez shared. Hayden believes there are not enough girls trying it out, “I think because of the stereotype girls are scared to be “un-normal” and step out of their comfort zone.”
Jensen shared that robotics , “Takes creativity and planning.” and Burr adds that robotics, “takes real determination and hard work. This isn’t an easy class. You’ve got to put in what you want to get out.” The Gender Benders are currently working on their robot for the upcoming match on the 17th that Weiser is hosting. They are optimistic that they will have their mobile goal lift finished and be ready to compete in their first competition of the season.