We are edging closer to this year’s Shop Small Saturday/One Year Anniversary/Holiday Open House Event.  (I’m a fan of combining things…just makes life easier.) I’ve already spoken to a few of you and am excited to hear you’ll be joining us for the fun!  Today I want to share with you some of the fun we are going to have at my shop and throughout Downtown Weiser on Saturday, November 25th.

* Taco Bar. Do I really need to say anything else?  

* Home baked goodies that may or may not look like acorns, gingerbread houses with little gingerbread families hanging Christmas lights on them.  Again, very self-explanatory and worth making the trip for.

* Gingerbread House contest! Bring it people, I want to see your graham cracker and icing skills!

* Gift wrapping.  This will be provided by CaseyGirl Designs (and her elves) for donations.  Bring your Black Friday goodies and Shop Small loot to have it wrapped for immediate under the tree placement.

* Advent Tree Crafting Class.  There is a lot going on, so we’ll have the trees already made, you just stamp the dates on the little baggies and make the star.  

* Photo booths & Picture Contest. A few of us small business owners are going to set up some Christmas inspired photo booths throughout the downtown area where you can go and snap a quick pic of you and your family/friends or even get a great selfie in there! Message Living In The News .Com through Facebook Messenger, Text Alex at (208)602-7138 or Email your favorite pic to alex@livinginthenews.com for a chance to be featured on LivingInTheNews!

* Live Music & Entertainment

* Bingo Shop Hop.  What is a small town without Bingo?  More on this to be announced. I believe the cards go live today.

* Shopping. This is Shop Small Saturday after all.  We will have some great Christmas décor and gifts available.  

* Christmas Craft Party Giveaway.

* After Party at the Senior/Community Center 

CaseyGirl Designs will be giving away a Christmas Craft Party for up to 10 people.  This can be a fun family event for the holidays or something you do with a few of your closest friends! Alright, I think I’ve covered it!  Oh, hang on…quite a few of you have been asking for a calendar of crafts that we’ll be doing here at CaseyGirl’s for the month of December.  I have the calendar ready but am trying to make each of the crafts, so you have a picture for reference.  Give me until the end of the week and I’ll have it done! 







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