Congrats to the Tri-Valley Titans who will head to the championship football game to be held in Middleton this Saturday, November 18, at 2:00 pm. The Midvale community is invited to give them a royal sendoff alongside Highway 95 by the Country Coffee Cabin around 10:00 am. Let’s all show up (In blue and orange if you can.) to cheer them on their way!
Bingo This Saturday…November 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, sponsored by the Lions’ Club in the Veterans Hall. Have a fun evening and help the Lions’ Club raise funds for their many community projects.  Snacks will be served.  Questions?  Call Pat Davenport at 208-355-3525.  
Midvale School Food Drive is being sponsored by the FCCLA to feed hungry families. Deah Lafollette announces the deadline for donating items will be next Monday, November 20. Please leave off your   canned foods and other non-perishable food at the Midvale Mercantile. They are also accepting potatoes and frozen turkeys. If you have questions, please contact Deah Lafollette at the school.
Community Harvest Dinner… will be sponsored by the Midvale churches on Sunday, November 19, at 1:00 PM in the Midvale School. The churches will provide meat, beverages and table service. Guests are invited to bring salads and desserts or whatever you want to provide.
Upper Country Singers Concert will be held on Sunday, December 3, at 3:00 pm in the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall in Cambridge. Director Debbie Warren reports there are 40 singers this year, a great group of younger singers practice with Laurel Sherman and everything is going well. The admission is free and a collection will be taken to help defray their many expenses including   renting a sound system, decorations, music, etc. The singers provide yummy cookies for intermission.  
 Consignment Shop… Jamie Rebman and Sharon Widner are opening a consignment shop in the front room of the Midvale Mercantile store.  Part of the grand opening will be held at 10:00 am on Friday, November 17. The official name will be “The Midway-Merchants” and hours of operation will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 3:00.  
Craft night, November 17 at 6:00 p.m. will feature making table arrangements for Thanksgiving.   “Is your family coming for Thanksgiving and your table is looking a little drab? Join us and make it fabulous!” Cost is $30 an arrangement and you take it home! Please RSVP Jamie at 208-550-4059.   
The Hats for Veterans,  By: Stella Warren. The Midvale 4th and 5th Grade Class, along with Ms. Dorothy Pierce, did a little something for the veterans to show their appreciation. They did this for their Veterans Day Program. The children started out just learning to each make a hat for themselves, but their teacher, Mrs. Nicole DeVries, thought it would be nice to make the veterans a hat. The kids diligently worked on a hat for a veteran of their choice. The kids started this activity at the beginning of October. It took the children about 4-5 hours and took Ms. Dorothy Pierce about 2-3 hours to finish a knitted hat on a loom.
A footnote…. Ms. Dorothy Pierce had made about 40 hats. She is going to donate them to Idaho-N-Heroes, a non-profit organization which takes wounded warriors, men and women, on outdoor excursions like fishing and hunting trips. The children are excited about helping and recognizing a veteran.
Veterans’ Day was celebrated on November 9 by the entire Midvale School and attended by a large crowd of appreciative guests, including at least 36 veterans who were individually recognized. Dan Lewman was guest speaker. A patriotic slide show was presented by Hanne Rebman and Shawn McClary “Dedicated to all our men and women who have kept our colors flying.” A $50 cash prize was presented to them. Abigail Atnip received $35 for her winning contest entry, which Mr. Steve Besel read to the audience.  The video “History of the Ragged Old Flag” was shown. The bags that lined the front of the stage contained the hats made by the students and Ms. Dorothy Pierce (Steve Besel’s mom) who has also given hundreds of her handmade hats to the homeless.
Some of the students gave their hat to a veteran they know.  Jack Coburn was very pleased and honored to receive a hat, (knitted in camouflage colors) from Wyatt  Stiff, along with a special hand-written and decorated note. “Dear Grandpa Jack, Thank you for serving in the military. I have a gift to honor you and to show my appreciation for your service. I made it myself. Love, Wyatt.”

 Nancy Bartoschek reports that her brother, Walter Hopper, passed away at age 78 on November 8 from Hodgkin’s Disease and pneumonia. Services will be held this Saturday, November 18, at 11:00 am in the Weiser Nazarene Church.  Our condolences go to all of Walter’s family and friends.
An update on Nancy, who lives in Weiser, revealed that she went on dialysis in July after having surgery to put in a tube and adds, “I told the doctor that I sure hope this is worth it!”
Midvale Library… Story Hour is this Thursday, November 15.  Heather reports that the “New Book Fundraiser” will run until the end of the month.   The books are available at good prices and   would make good Christmas gifts.   
Doris Jean Dale… “Terry and Ann Dale of Eagle arrived Wednesday evening and stayed overnight in order to attend the Veterans’ Day program at the Midvale School. It was wonderful, just as it is every year. You should plan on coming next year if you never have. You will love it!”