By Marsha Woods
Midvale, Idaho, may to some, be an obscure, off the beaten path kind of town, but for those who live there, it is an invitation to open doors previously secluded in quietude!
 Nothing is more evident than a new business introduced by two of Midvale’s most enterprising women! MIDWAY MERCHANTS, the unique concept of owners Sharon Widner and Jamie Louck is an opportunity for those with a talent for creativity and a huge desire to share their crafts!
The concept of sharing the art of crafting came to Sharon Widner approximately two years ago when she opened a small shop in the back of the Midvale Market. Her business grew rapidly and became so successful that she conceded to the fact of expansion. Thus, her partnership with friend, Jamie Loucks, who, in her own way had the same concept! The two have now opened their doors to a wonderland of ingenuity and originality!
MIDWAY MARKET invites the concept that “Nothing beats something local and from the heart!” They offer local consignments, hand crafted items, home décor, as well as new, never seen objects.
In addition, the pair is offering crafting classes! The first, to be held, Friday night, November 18th at 6:00 P.M. It will be a fun, relaxing evening of the technique of the art of floral centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Participants will not only be able to take home their masterpiece, but will be given the option of relaxing with a glass of wine or a micro-brew beer to enhance the experience. Cost for the evening is $30.00 and one must RSVP to Jamie Loucks at 208-550-4059 to participate! This is just the first of classes that the ladies will offer! Many more ahead!
Business hours for Midway Merchants are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 3:00 pm. Information can be obtained by calling Jamie Loucks or Sharon Widner at 208-355 2314.
It’s a county-wide occasion for a fun way of expression! It ‘s magic at MIDWAY MERCHANTS!


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