From Wil Overgaard, Superintendent - Weiser School District

Congratulations to Marg Chipman, the 2016-17 President of the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA), and Kyla Dickerson, the 2017 Clerk of the Year.

The Weiser Board of Trustees recently attended the annual ISBA Convention in Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Marg Chipman, the Weiser School Board Vice-Chair presided over the convention where she completed her term as the ISBA President. Marg's service to the state association was celebrated at the Awards Banquet where she was thanked by the ISBA Executive Board and celebrated by the more than 500 trustees who were in attendance from across the state. Marg has served as a Weiser trustee for 26 years and has been a strong advocate for our schools, our students, and our staff. 

Kyla Dickerson, Weiser School District Clerk, was named the 2017 Clerk of the Year by the ISBA. There were numerous nominations from around the state for this prestigious award that recognizes the contributions of the district employee who is responsible for managing district funds, human resources, and works closely with the superintendent to make sure the district runs smoothly and efficiently. Kyla has worked for the school district for 24 years, the last 14 as board clerk. Kyla received letters of support from the Weiser Board of Trustees, Superintendent Overgaard, and all of the district principals. She  even received letters of support from other board clerks and superintendents in the area who know her and her work. The district's financial auditor, Kurt Folke, who audits the district's finances annually said of Kyla, "She does an excellent job of keeping track of the district's finances. She should be considered a "model" for other districts to follow".