By Marsha Woods
The tradition of giving thanks for ones blessings is not only a time of reflection, nor it is it is it a onetime momentary  awakening of appreciation and gratitude. It is an everyday opportunity of appreciation!
There is a phrase used today; “Pay it forward!” With the devastating events of an unpredictable season nearly a year ago, the memory of togetherness, the bonding of fellowship that followed, has only strengthened the survival of our communities whose people never heard the word quit! The white flag of surrender was buried along with the debris of destruction!
It is with great warmth, pride and joys that Alex and his team of writers and Living In The News staff have been privileged to share the optimism, the positivity and the energy that our communities continue to exhibit!
Many new story have a happy ending! Every day brings the promise of a sweet tomorrow! If ever there was an opportunity to “Pay It Forward< “it is that goal that LIVING IN THE NEWS strives to accomplish! Alex and all of us at LIVING IN THE NEWS will sit down before a huge Thanksgiving dinner this year, surrounded by family, but as we count our blessings along with the honesty of all for which we are grateful, we will include all of you! For when it comes to “Pay it Forward,” it is all of you who lead the way!
 God’s Blessings To you all!