Last week, Sarah Jensen competed in the American Pageants program in Orlando, FL for the title of Miss of America. I am pleased to share that she won the title. Sarah has competed in the Miss America Organization as a teen and as a Miss title holder for about 7 years. All that was instrumental in helping her win this title. American Pageants focuses on Scholastic Achievement, Community Service, Personal Development and grades. 60% of the scoring is done before the judges even see the candidates. Then they do an interview in front of 6 judges, along with personality and poise (evening dress) and on stage questions. Sarah is attending school at WSU - Pullman and will be happy to do appearances if needed. She will be home for Christmas by Mid December so if you would like to have her come to an event, just let me know! For more information about the American Pageants, you can visit their website or their facebook page - American Pageants.