Hannah Walker was selected as the November Elks Student of the Month.  She is an involved Senior at Weiser High School.  She is a part of many school and extracurricular activities.  While trying to balance a busy schedule, Hannah has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout all 4 years in high school.  She has been the vice president of her class for three years as well as vice president of the Leo Club.  She is also a member of Red Wave, FCA, and Science Club.  She is a 5 year member and currently the concert mistress of the Weiser Youth Symphony.  Hannah is a part of the Victoria Arriero-Thomas Performing Arts Studio “Black Lights” performing group.  She has been a member of the Weiser High School Chamber Singers for 4 years.  While being heavily involved in all of these different groups, Hannah loves to stay physically active. She has participated in Varsity Track all of her years at Weiser High School.  She also ran Cross Country this year.  In both sports, she has competed at the state level.
Hannah has been involved with music for as long as she can remember.  It has always been a significant part of her life.  While growing up, Hannah has been exposed to a wide variety of music.  The combination of many music lessons and countless hours of practice have resulted in her becoming an accomplished classical vocalist, pianist, and violinist. For fun, she plays the guitar and ukulele.  Throughout her life, she has developed a great love for expressing her thoughts and feelings through music.  She discovered the great beauty and endless creative capacity that lies in writing her own music, so of course she had to try it out.  She has experimented with songwriting, recording, and producing.  It is her new favorite hobby.  Her main goal and purpose as a singer/songwriter is to inspire others for good with her creations.  She loves to share her music to enlighten and lift all those who listen.
One of the most incredible experiences she has had was helping write “The Galloway Musical.”  (Video below) Her dad, Delton Walker, had the dream to write the "Galloway Musical" many years previously.  It is an inspiring pioneer story about a local family who founded the city of Weiser.  Over the years, her father was the one who taught her how to compose songs.  She worked hard to perfect her skills as she grew older.  In the summer of 2016, her father sparked the interest in her to complete this musical, and they worked hard together to make it happen.  Throughout the process, she wrote or co-wrote 12 original songs for the production.  They put on the show in Weiser on September 5th, 2016.  They did it as a fundraiser through the Weiser Chamber of Commerce to raise money for the Snake River Heritage Museum, a significant, historical building in Weiser where they actually performed the musical.  They donated the net proceeds to the museum.
The most amazing part of this experience Hannah had was realizing that she has the ability to help other people by doing what she loves.  Serving others with the talents she has been given is something unique that only she can give to make a difference.  She can contribute to the community in her own special way.
Hannah also loves to write her music with a specific purpose and message in her songs.  One her favorite creations is called “Simple and Perfect.”  She wrote it in honor of her cousin, Andrew Walker, who has Down Syndrome.  It portrays an inspiring message of how people with disabilities are simply perfect.  She has learned that knowing such people helps her as an individual to become more perfect by learning to love and accept all kinds of people.
https://youtu.be/-8W2hzWzTmE  (Video below)
Hannah loves to serve her community because it gives her a chance to connect and help people that she normally would not be able to.  Giving back to the people around her is a way she can thank the community who has raised her.  She finds so much joy in helping others and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.
She plans on studying Commercial Music at Brigham Young University after she graduates to further pursue her love for music.  She hopes to continue helping other people in her life and inspire others through her music.
To see more of Hannah’s work, visit her website: www.hannahwalkermusic.com