By Marsha Woods

It has been said that sometimes it is not what you know but who you know that gets you where you want to go in life! For local talent, Dave Nudo, whom, much like Norm on CHEERS, everybody knows his name; this adage is becoming a truism!
Dave Nudo is a well known figure when it comes to music in and around Idaho!  He writes, he plays guitar, he runs a restaurant, and in the meantime, he communicates with friends! Dave recently re-connected with an old friend, via Facebook, who in turn introduced him to Nashville producer, Kenny Royster, who is an Emmy award winning music mix master, with 15 years of experience of creating talent!  As a result, Dave will leave December 13th for Nashville, and the most exciting time of his life! Dave will be in the presence of studio musicians, recording experts and a chance to enhance his original music.  Dave says that his goal is not self serving; He simply wants to “further himself; expose his music to other artists who may want to record it and have an experience of a lifetime!”
Dave, with his band has recorded an album, titled, “COUNTY LINE, “that can be found on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify! It is also available for purchase on Facebook or by personal request!
Santa may come early for Dave Nudo this year! Depends on whether he is naughty or nice in Nashville! Good Luck Dave! Your community is cheering!!