Weiser High School is continuing Digital Citizenship initiatives at the High School this year.  Bernie Weldon and Katie von Brethorst are trying new things this year to help generate discussions on responsible use of technology.  Using commonsensemedia.org as a basis for information, the students at WHS are talking about different topics each month in hopes of creating a responsible environment while using the internet.  The students will be taking a “E-citizen” survey to determine areas of focus for the year and potentially to help script a video about being a responsible E-Citizen.  December’s focus is Cyberbullying -- how to identify as well avoid or resolve issues.  If you would like to receive periodic brief messages regarding Digital Citizenship through our texting service, please send a text to 81010 with “@e-citizen” in the message.  We would love to have both parents and students sign up for the reminder service!

Some interesting statistics from Common Sense Media regarding the use of technology can be found at the following link: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/the-common-sense-census-media-use-by-tweens-and-teens-infographic