By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

  Are you ready for Christmas?  There is one week left to finish all your Christmas  projects and wrap your packages.  Wow, has this year ever gone by fast!  I finally got some cards out this morning, but I have this nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something.  Oh well, if I wait long enough I’m sure whatever I’ve forgotten will make its presence known. 
That seems to be my story lately, forgetting things.  I know it comes with the territory, that of aging, but I sure don’t like it.  My mind, that was once like a steel trap is now like a leaky bucket.  Anyone who says these are the golden years, just hasn’t gotten here yet.  But, I am grateful that I’ve lived long enough to be able to complain about the aging process.  There are many that are denied this privilege. 
I just finished getting the cataract on my second eye removed.  I never knew that I saw so poorly before.  I will still always have to wear glasses as I have astigmatism and that wasn’t corrected with the new lens’.  Now Whites are white.  I never knew there was such a difference.  I know that lots of you have already done this, because once again cataracts are age related most of the time.
 Just think one hundred years ago, surgery to replace the lens in the eye wasn’t available, people ‘s sight, if they  lived long enough just failed them.  I’m grateful that I’m living in an age where cataract surgery is common place. 
Last week when I was thanking the Cuddy Mountain Ramblers for their financial help in putting the bags of fruit and candies out for the kids school program, I didn’t realize that Loveland’s had donated candy canes for the festivities.  Thank you “ Loveland’s General Store” for contributing towards the schools Christmas program.  We really appreciate your help!  
Also, Thanks to the Cambridge Elementary School’s food drive that donated three big boxes of food to the Food Pantry.  This will really help families in Washington County.
I found a black jacket and some Subaru Keys, including house keys and a PO Box key among others, that someone has left at our center.  They have been here for quite a little while, I’ve checked with the card players and with folks who come to dinner, but so far, no one has claimed them.  I can’t imagine anyone leaving their keys, how would they drive home?  But someone did.  If you are that someone, I have the coat and the keys here at the center, give me a call  @ 208-257-3358, I would love to return them to you.
This Wednesday, December 20th is our Christmas dinner at the center.  It’s also our food pantry day.   I imagine things will really be busy around here that day so get here early to reserve your seat and visit with your friends an neighbors.  If you are new to the area, it’s a great place to meet new people and learn about the area.  Come join us for a delicious early Christmas dinner.
On Friday, December 22nd Ursula is making her famous Pizza’s along with a salad, pears and dessert.  Wednesday December 27th It’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, coleslaw, corn and fresh apple cake (my favorite).  Friday, December 29th, we are serving tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad, fruit and dessert. 
Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope Santa is good to you this year.