By Marsha Woods
Woke up the other morning, stretched, and yawned. Snorted and struggled my way into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. Oh what a wonderful day that I anticipated! Sunshine, heat and relaxed moments of nothing less! Oh my gosh! Throwing open the curtains; I was introduced to gloomy clouds, temperatures that defied the month on the thermometer and a panic attack that ensued! Screeching and frantically running through the house to the point of mania, I even sent my poor pets to seek comfort under their outside refuge, shivering, shuddering and quaking in fear!! Tearing the house apart, I finally found my yearly calendar lying on the floor of my utility room where I had lost it months before under a pile of, well, shall we say, other junk! Held my breath and turned the pages! NO! It could not be December; it could not be days before Christmas and I could have not missed all of the signs that have been in front of my eyes since Easter! Reality can be ignored, but it speaks loud!
I have to admit that I am not really into all of the hoopla that is involved with Christmas. It seems a bit too much for me! I have a huge problem with all of the chaos and anxiety that is involved! However, I also have to confess that the spirit of the season overcomes the joy when one thinks about family togetherness, the magic of Santa and the simple pleasure of what the season really means!
Yes, I went manic for a moment! Yes, I freaked out with visions of shopping for things that no one cares about! I tossed and turned at night with worry then I woke up the other morning with a peacefulness that explained it all! The answer came in an enigmatic way!
I now know that Christmas has nothing to do with the amount of gifts that are opened!  It is the wrapping that counts! In other words, whatever is given, it needs to be given with love and sincerity! It has to be a gift that is not covered in fancy paper or colorful ribbons that hide the message inside! It is all about the expression that comes from your heart!
God’s blessings to all of you this magical season!