With Christmas upon us many families have decorated their trees’ and hung the stockings with care. This time of year is full of love, magic, and good will towards men, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is the traditions each family has. One of my family's favorite traditions is to drive around our local area and view the Christmas light displays put up by our wonderful community.

    If you and your family have done this here in Weiser you will know that there is one house that never fails to please. As you travel your way up State Street and make your way up the hill to your left is a spectacular display of what every child invisions the North Pole to look like. With dazzling lights, too many to count, and larger than life replicas of Santa, Frosty, and all the Christmas characters , one's eyes can hardly take it all in. This home is the children of the community's favorite to view and bus driver have been known to take a little detour to stop and let the little kiddies feast their eyes on all the magic and wonder.

    Whom is the creators of such wonder you might ask? Meet Cliff and Nancy Barberis. The Barberis have been putting on their Christmas display since 1975 when they lived on Liberty Street. Cliff shared, “After our daughter was born we had a brilliant idea. We had a small house with a large peek on it. I ran a wire from a tree to the top of that peek. We had a Santa Claus with the reindeer and we lit them and hung them from the wire. It look like he was flying and that was the start of our Christmas displays.” From their they began adding to their Christmas seen each year, “We kind of design it each year and the way that we want it. Somethings fit the design for the year and somethings don’t” , Nancy says. The Barberis admitted that they still have a garage full of more Christmas magic that they do not have room to put up this year, so this is the reason for planning their layout each year.

    If your wondering how to get started with your own display the Barberis recommend waiting and grabbing those fun Christmas items after the holiday when they go on sale. “After the season we go to the store and buy things that are on sale. Like the big balloon we have had for at least ten to twelve years.” Nancy shared that they love doing it, “After our children and grandchildren grew we thought about stopping, but we have had so many people ask us to keep doing it. We think it is good for the community and the kids love it.” According the the Barberis it takes about three or four days to set everything up. They put the lights up just after Thanksgiving and then the decor, along with the inflatables, up around December first. “We put the candy canes in the ground when it is still soft so we can just push them in and when it freezes it hold them there. We have a system.”

    Cliff says, “We have people nightly stop and drive by constantly.” You still have time to see their Christmas display with their favorites, the Ferris Wheel and Santa Balloon. They plan to have it up until around New Years depending on the weather. Lights are on from 6am until 9am. Then come back on at 5pm until 10 pm. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the lights will be on display all day. Cliff shared why they do this every year,“We do it for the kids. It started out for our kids and now we do it for the communities kids.” Nancy echoed this by saying, “We enjoy it, we really do enjoy it.”


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