You’ve done it before or seen it. You go walking across the parking lot and your phone slips from your hand and crashes to the pavement. Before you run off to buy a new phone give Jacob a call, he may be able to help you fix your device. Jacob Chavarria is a local resident and 2011 Weiser High graduate returning to Weiser to settle down and start his life.

    Jacob has opened a small device repair shop here locally and is willing to take a look at your device. Have a broken screen? He can fix it. Jacob specializes in the repair of Samsung and Iphone devices and  has three years experience working with these products.

Not only does Jacob fix devices he can help you learn how to use that new device Santa left you under the tree. He is willing to meet you at your home for your convenience or at his office to teach you how to use your device.

Jacob is excited to be back in his hometown and serving the citizens of our community. When asked why he wanted to return to Weiser he stated, “I missed Weiser. Weiser is a great place to live. I can legitimately say that with a lot of conviction and knowing, because I have lived in a lot of different types of cities. It is definitely a place I would like to raise a family in.”    So keep it local for all your device repair needs and give Jacob  a call at 208-718-8006.