By Alicia Cavazos

The Annex Ho Ho Express was held on December 21st, 2017. The air was filled with the warmth of giving as the many volunteers and Santa were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the energized students from the small nearby school. As the buses entered the Bimart  parking lot you could feel the excitement of the students and we were reminded of the spirit of the giving season. The Ho Ho Express for Annex students was created by two former class mates who attended the Annex schools. With the growing trend of the Weiser Ho Ho Express it was time to expand to the giving to access the river. Rod Panike and his amazing agents and Staff at Select Properties and the famous Joe Malay organized another tradition for the giving season. Rod Panike and his agents freely give a donation from each of their sales which goes into a fund for organizations such as this one. This year Select Properties was able to donate $4,000 to the Ho Ho Express for the Annex students. With the generous donations made by the Select Property agents, the business is also able to contribute to other local organizations such as: The Weiser Community Center, the Fiddle Festival and many others. To experience the excitement and joy from each of the children who were touched by the goodness from our community made the season magical. Thank you to Weiser City Fire Department, all the many volunteers and to Joe Malay who can always bring the reason for the season to our kids.