Goal: to keep Western Treasure Valley Teens and Drivers Drug and Alcohol-free this holiday

The St. Luke’s Coalition for Drug Free Youth (SLCDFY) delivered gifts this week aimed at helping keep drunk drivers off the road, and kids away from drugs and alcohol.

Thanks to grants from the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD), the SLCDFY donated breathalyzer mouthpieces Wednesday to police departments in Fruitland and Weiser. The equipment will be used during sobriety testing. 

This latest grant is in addition to one recently awarded to Fruitland Police “to help police staffing, which includes initial funding for a new Police Officer position. The position could potentially become a School Resource Officer position for the Fruitland School District”, said Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff. 
During another stop, SLCDFY Coordinator Karen Davis delivered the foundation for a new program that will benefit students in the Weiser School District. Davis says The Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training Toolkit teaches kids skills that can help them make wiser choices, and ultimately give them the confidence to resist peer pressure.
“Through these ISLD mini-grants, The St. Luke’s Coalition for Drug Free Youth has been able to provide these EI training and toolkits to schools in Fruitland, Payette and Weiser, and school counselors tell us it’s having an impact,” said Davis.
The EI training toolkit in Weiser will be used during the Better Educated Students for Tomorrow (BEST) after-school program. More than 140 students, from second to eighth grades, take part in the program. It’s supported by teachers and high-school students who help tutor the kids, along with Weiser Police Department, which helps to serve as a positive role model. 
Since its beginning in 2015, SLCDFY has earned several grants from ISLD. The money is then distributed to programs that help reduce underage drinking in the areas around Fruitland, Payette and Weiser, and increase awareness about the problem. Recent focus has also centered on prescription drug abuse.