By Carolyn Wesner

Tis the season to be jolly – oh wait, Christmas is over! Well, tis the season for St. Luke’s to start up the Soup Kitchen again. Starting Thursday, January 4 at 11:30, all are welcome to stop in at the church hall for a nice hot bowl of soup, always satisfying on a cold winter day. Bring a friend or family member too, because soup shared is twice as nice!
Since this article is supposed to be Bible-based, there are plenty of instances throughout the Bible of community-shared meals, and even some which mention soup. Back in those days, the word “meat” often meant dinner or any kind of food (okay, sometimes it just meant MEAT), and in the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, meals are mentioned a lot. Abraham prepared savory meat for strangers passing through (one stranger happened to be God); later on his son Isaac asked for a savory soup made of venison. Back then, soup was called “pottage” and included ingredients such as meat, herbs and salt for seasoning, and often small beans or lentils.
There was a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament, Elisha, who took responsibility for feeding a large group of students when food was scarce, so he made soup – “set a BIG pot on the fire” he told them. This time it was vegetarian soup, an herbal broth with wild veggies – yum! There was a famine in the land, so the last thing anybody wanted to do was kill their valuable animals who could produce more valuable animals. Just like today, sometimes good cooks have to make do with whatever they have. Both men and women were chefs back then too – preparing hot meals under camp conditions with no electrical appliances was an art and a highly prized skill. Everybody cooked!
So, we hope to see you on Thursdays at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church hall for soup lunch. There is no cost and everyone is welcome.