By Dorothy Evans

December 27 is a good date for many things such as out-of-town trips, holiday guests and catching the flu.  Alas, these are the same reasons why December 27 is not a good date for a blood drive but that’s the day the American Red Cross assigned to Weiser for its quarterly draw.

Despite numerous last-minute appointment cancellations, we still managed to surpass our Red Cross projected goal of 50.  A total of 58 donors, many of them walk-ins, materialized ready and willing to give the gift of life.  At one point more than ten people were patiently waiting their turn in line. 

Weiser has a wonderful group of donors who can be relied on every quarter and we are thankful for them, but it’s the first-timers who are the most fun.  One such newbie was 18 year old Weiser High School senior, Sarahann Brugger, who saw a sign for a blood drive in Payette.  She wasn’t able to stop then so she looked up Weiser’s drive.  When I asked about her first blood-donating experience, Sarahann said “it went fine, better than I thought.”  She added, “I totally will bring my friends next time.”  Weiser’s next drive, scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, is during school’s spring break so hopefully we’ll get more great teens like Sarahann.

We are very grateful to all the donors.  Those who gave their permission to print their name are:  Wendy Martell, Ralph Graham, Sarahann Brugger, Cynthia Matthews, Kyla Dickerson, Fred Haun, Chris McCord, Harry Soulen, Sabrina Young (who was there on her birthday), James Chandler, Denise Longo, Larry Lee, Jeff Kahler, A. J. Kahler, Mari Bionaz, Fred Wheeler, Bob Barber, Marg Chipman, Mary Walker, Sandra Cooper, Rejeana Goolsby, Barbara Huck, Annaka Wogan, Kelly Haun, Linda McLaughlin, Rex Winegar, Joe Milner, Dave Rule, Judy Rule, Sara Real, Patti Miller, Merlene Wilson, George Speropulos, Sheila Sorensen, Marie Thomas, Skylar Thomas Camilla Thomas, Amelia Thomas, Randy Hibberd, Bill Taylor, Laurie DeMasters, Duane Hess, Joshua Chavarria, Gary Combs, Kim Hamilton, Nancy Taylor, Petra McDaniel, Tina Frei, Connie Lawrence, Ben Lawrence, Michael Ryan, Pat Sullivan, Lila Harper and Trish Horst.

As always, the blood drive could not happen without the help of the volunteers. Delores Overacker, Patty Dickinson, Nancy Futrell and Val Donicht took charge of the kitchen (purchasing food supplies, making sandwiches, keeping the tables full of food for the donors).  The expense of the sandwich makings, paper supplies and WIFI were covered by a generous donation from MTE.  Delicious cookies for the donors were contributed by Preceptor Tau Sorority and a fabulous lasagna lunch was provided by members of the Shamrock Club.  Lyle Kleppin escorted donors from the draw stations to the food table, Alex and Jacob Chavarria made phone calls and Dorothy Evans handled the registration.

Weiser’s next blood drive will be held in the Vendome on Wednesday, March 28th, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please call Alex Chavarria at 208-602-7138 to schedule an appointment.  Your blood could save a life.  There’s no better way to spend an hour of your time.