HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 1918 be a very good year for you all!
Pat Davenport proudly announces that “Grammies' Jammies” made and donated 107 pairs of pajamas to less fortunate kids in our area in time for Christmas 2017.  Distribution was made through the Weiser Elks’ basket and Toys for Tots programs in Weiser. They hope to have someone in Upper Country next year who can distribute pajamas more locally.  So, if you are a sewer, can cut out fabric patterns, and want to help, Pat is always looking for some dedicated volunteers for this worthwhile project.  Cutting out and stitching are all done at your home and Grammies' Jammies provides the patterns and fabric for the effort. 
Pat also said that she collects gently used stuffed animals and provides them for the Elks and Toys for Tots programs.  She washes, dries, repairs animals and give them new ribbons and a kiss on the forehead before they are donated.  So, if you or someone you know is cleaning out the closet to make room for new cuddly friends, please give Pat a call and she may be able to make sure the used animals find new friends.  She has a bathtub ready to store buddies.
Two worthwhile projects to make the winter blues brighter and go by faster;  If you knit or crochet kids’ hats, mittens or slippers, Pat will be happy to collect them also for these groups.  Give Pat a call (208) 355-3525 - she always likes to talk jammies and bears.  Pat also sends warmest season's greetings to one and all.
Condolences and prayers go out for Marie and Albert DeKnikker, who received word on December 28 that their third son, Calvin, passed away the night before. 
Midvale Library… If you have a favorite magazine but don’t like all the stacks of magazines in your house, get a subscription for your library! You can still get to read it, and so do others! Or keep one for yourself and get another subscription for the library.  Thanks, Heather
 Virginia Seid graciously took my New Year’s  morning call and reported that Kim and Larry came over early, “I think because Larry wanted to watch the ball game!” Others coming to Virginia’s home  were Dan and Vicky from Hayden, Kim and Larry and friend Haley came the day before for dinner and were leaving on Monday morning; Tom also joined them, and Karen, Vern and Boden rounded out the guest list.
The Coburns enjoyed another "working visit" from daughter Valerie who brought along her friend Kris to clean our house on Saturday!  What a blessing!  In bye-gone days, the two gals worked together cleaning houses for pay and have not lost their touch! 
 Melissa Stiff furnished our ending story this week. Her boys had been sledding on the slope behind their house in the dark, amidst lots of fun and laughter, when Zachary noted, “The sledding is a lot faster in the moonlight than in daytime!”