With the help of Washington County Sheriff departments dive team, local Boy Scout troop 350 got the opportunity to learn a little about scuba diving. Eight young man got in the water to learn and accomplish some of the requirements needed to earn the Boy Scouts Scuba merit badge.The troops committee chairman, Bob Barber,  shared “This was really meant to encourage the boys to do the Boy Scout Scuba Merit Badge… I find it more productive to have young people experience something and hopefully have it spark an interest for them to learn more.”

The merit badge has several requirements such as knowing first aid for scuba type situations like hypothermia, hyperventilation, decompression illness, nitrogen narcosis, and CPR. A scout must also have already earned their Swimming Merit Badge, learn the divers code, understand what an ecosystem is, earn an Open Water Diver Certificate, and have researched career opportunities in the scuba industry in order to receive the merit badge.     

    Barber shared that in past years they have used the pool in Payette, but this year Dave Sivero generously offered the use of his indoor pool making it a much easier trip for the scouts and the WCSD dive team. Troop 350 is sponsored by the Lions Club and has boys from ages twelve to fifteen who participate in the scouting program under Scoutmaster John Stuart. Boys who participated in the scuba education were: Bryan Bottomley, Calvin Calperton, Jereld Kendall, Ben Odoms, Skyler Rush,  Dominic Sivero, Isaiah Sivero, and Johnny Stuart.