Pictured here is County Commissioner Kirk Chandler presenting Rose Advocates Director Dolores Larsen a check in the amount of $4,713. Larsen shared what this funding will be used for and how it has helped the organization, “We plan to use the funds towards Victim Services here in Washington County. Everyone we help has a different need. It could go towards housing, relocation, to pay for emergency shelter such as a hotel stay, things like that. It will go towards a good cause. We are really excited because it has really helped to make up the difference in our budget. We were cut $58,000 in our last grant year and so all this extra funding we got really helps to make up that difference.”

The monies donated were from the RC&D organization. County Commissioner Tom Anderson explained that, “RC&D (Resource Conservation & Development) organization was put together to work with different agencies to apply for grants for the local counties to get monies for different types of things that fit the description of the grant. One big grant Weiser received with help from the RC&D group, the Elks and a couple other organizations, was a grant that help put in the big fishing dock at the pond.” RC&D covered the areas of Adams, Washington, Payette, Gem, Boise, and Valley counties.  Anderson shared that funding for such grants has dried up and the grants are now harder to get. Due to the lack of grant money the mission of the RC&D has dried up along with those grants, so the organization decided to dissolve RC&D.

For each grant awarded, the organization received ten percent of the grant money. This money was used to keep the organization going and pay its bills. With the dissolving of RC&D they decided to donate what was left in the organizations account. Anderson stated, “After everything had been paid and settled we decided to donate what was left. Since RC&D was a 501C3 organization the money had to go to another 501C3. So Rose Advocates is. Rose Advocates takes care of the entire county, so it was county money and we wanted  to make sure it stayed in the county.” The monies that were left in RC&Ds account were divided among the counties that were part of the organization. The amount of $4,713 donated to Rose Advocates was the amount given to Washington County. Larsen stated, “We are excited and grateful for it too!” Rose Advocates will be hosting a fundraiser and invites you to attend their upcoming Soup Bowl on February 13th at the Community Church.