Happy 2018!  The weather dominated nearly all of my interviews today. Folks are equally divided between those who are glad there is only a trace of snow left in the Midvale area, and those who miss the traditional layers of snow. But not a one was sorry we don't have the five feet or more that came last winter! 
 Bingo!  Come and play Bingo at the Veterans Hall in Midvale on Saturday January 20 from 7- 9 p.m., 
sponsored by Midvale Lions' Club. For more info, please call Lois Sutton at 355-2452. 
Crafters... Beth Bramble sends out an invitation to all crafters to come join the crafter group that meets at the Midvale Library each Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  Bring the project you are working on and enjoy the camaraderie and the  chance to get out of your house.  
Midvale Library... moved their January board meeting from January 9 to January 16 at 5:00 pm. Librarian Heather Dixon invites you all to come see the new window blinds, results of the fund raising last year. She also announces the new Graphic Section has been unveiled. 
Judy Bowthorpe reports that she and Dale enjoyed a nice holiday with their family. They are happy there is not so much snow this winter and are tired of the fog, "But it's January! And it's a Happy New Year!"  
Celeste Biggs adds that we need more moisture! 
Terry Bonner reports that they had a good Christmas and are "Counting our blessings it isn't like last year!" Terry, who remembers well how painful it was when he broke several ribs several years ago,  has been commiserating with a friend from Mans Creek who broke some ribs recently. 
Dan and Glenda Castleberry went to Boise on Dec. 6 to watch their youngest grandson, Zachary, graduate from Boise State University, one of 1,800 graduates. Glenda adds that it was  "One of the best graduations we've been to!" Zachary's dad then took the whole family out to dinner. Zachary will attend the University of Indiana this fall, seeking a Masters degree in Library Science.  
In other Castleberry news, Glenda has been busy this winter working with the  "Minutes of Gold Ladies"  who have been making greeting cards and are currently making layettes for still-born babies. 
Doris Jean Dale has found the roads really challenging, even after she filled the back of her four-wheel-drive pickup with snow to add some traction and has experienced some exciting times on the icy road, doing a few "di-dos!" She couldn't go to Payette to spend time with family on New Years because of the road conditions but stayed home, planned to watch the New York ball fall on New Year's Eve, but fell asleep! She reports the fog has even found it's way up on top of her hill, but she is enjoying the frosty trees it creates.