CaseyGirl Designs: Casey Hoskins

We’ve made it…to the middle of January!  Yeah!  How ya holdin’ up?  Still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions?  While you think about that, why don’t I share a few of my goals with you.  You never know, they might make yours look way more attainable or, at the very least, you’ll be chuckling at what I’m attempting to do to myself.
Resolution #1 (also a bit of Christmas present to myself):  Take the week between Christmas and New Years off.  Oh, it happened…it just took me a few days to realize that I could sit and watch Netflix without guilt-tripping myself.  To do that though, I had to clean all the laundry in the house, wash the floors and baseboards, play board games with our middle daughter (because she loves them and I rarely take the time), bake a bazillion cookies and deliver them to neighbors and friends and then to finally get all of my goals for the business written down and ready to implement.  By the end of this self-inflicted vacation I was ready to Netflix myself into a coma.

Resolution #2 (this is a short-term, attainable goal): Get all of my financials in order for the upcoming tax season as well as my new bookkeeper.  This meant I had to do math, look at numbers for hours on end and evaluate my business from a financial standpoint.  I was both amazed and overwhelmed by the process but I powered through!

Resolution #3: Get back into good habits.  I printed off a Habit Tracker for this particular exercise and now I can really see all the holes in this resolution! Joy! I got to Wednesday in the first week before I was ready to throw all my pretty colored pens away; Thursday the following week. This is progress people.

Resolution #4: Do something for myself.  I’ve decided to join the local PiYo class for this one. I coupled it with my “get 30 min of exercise in a day” habit because I figured it would ease me into it with all the stretching going on.  I saw a lady I know after one of those PiYo classes and she was sweating as much as I was after a cross-fit class. Super.

Resolution #5: Let go of 2017.  Last year brought a lot of hardship to my business and our family.  I found myself asking why I thought I could run a business around my son with special needs and if I am really cut out to have a retail space alongside my upholstery business.  The answer is yes, I just need to change my focus.  

I’m not going to sugar coat this, it is damn hard.  I have to remind myself to pick up my Bible in the morning before I pick up the phone and check Facebook.  There are nights full of anxiety and unrest for many reasons but I am not going to stop, I can’t.  Somewhere along the line I stopped seeing how blessed I am, that I CAN have a business around my family and how supported we are.  Everybody does resolutions and/or the “word of the year” that they want to focus on and that is all good and dandy but I think the most important thing at the beginning of every new year is to celebrate that it is new.  Let go of what was.  Of course this is easier said than done! Anything worth doing is, but if you don’t try, if I don’t try, and choose not to celebrate the good that is here and still on it’s way then I’ve already doomed myself to another hard year.  Not. Gonna. Happen. You ready? Big girl panties on and boot straps up!