Short column this week due to circumstances beyond my control! Have a great day, Elsie
 Midvale Weather is once again the top focus of conversation, with the main topic this year being how much different this January is from 2017. Which is a good thing, as no one wanted a repeat of four or five feet of snow! For those of you reading this in other areas, there has been little snow at all, though the mantra is, “There is still plenty of January left!” Middle Valley, however, is dealing with lots of fog from the south, partway up Midvale Hill, to the other side of the canyon to the north.
BINGO…Sponsored by the Lions’ Club, will be held his Friday, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Veterans’ Hall in Midvale. Please call Lois Sutton at 355-2432 if you have questions.
Thanks to the Midvale Lions Club....  who gave a $200 donation to the Senior Center in Cambridge to help with the shipping costs of the food the center receives from the Food Bank. Senior Center Director Janice Cawyer says, "That donation will pay the costs of almost two months of food delivery for our pantry!"   
Midvale Library...   A phone call to the library on Monday revealed that Librarian Heather Dixon was on duty, despite the fact that it was a holiday. She was pleased that seven patrons and one volunteer came in, making it a good day, and she had time to help one patron set up their lap-top computer.  The number of library volunteers has now reached four, three  teens and an adult. 
FirstPlace4Health is returning to Midvale Community Baptist Church, in the old parsonage, on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 10:15 A.M., beginning on January 17. “Simply speaking, being overweight is a physical problem that has a spiritual solution.  We will come together to learn how to face our individual weaknesses in the power of the Lord” New members will be accepted through next week. To sign up and/or get more information, please call Pauli Lewman at 355-4447.
ROLLY TIEDEMANN… is back home and recuperating following hip surgery and a short stay at the Weiser Care Rehab. He adds, “I think home is the best place for recovery.” He is “up and moving” and looking forward to temperatures above 70 degrees so he can do his walking outdoors.   You are in our prayers, Rolly!
Short column this week. Be sure to call (355-3352) or email me at by next Tuesday so we can include your news in this column.