By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

January is almost over and a few of us here at seniors have celebrated another birthday.  Those members gaining another years worth of experiences are Jon Anderson, Pat Davenport, Sharon Jones, Kate Noah, Virginia Seid, Bill Sorenson and Joana Wiggins.  Happy Anniversary of your Birth!  We are so fortunate to have you in our midst.
I walked another mile this morning.  My time isn’t great, and I seem to be weaker than before, but I think it has a lot to do with the anti hormone drug I have to take to prevent a reoccurrence of cancer.  What I’ve noticed is that my body has seemed to age about ten years since I started taking them.  It’s not just the aches and pains, but muscle loss, thinning skin and Oh my the wrinkles!  I will keep walking though, even if I never see a fifteen minute mile again.  Joy Larkin and I have added a few weight exercises to our routine, in hopes of keeping what muscle we have and possibly replacing some we have lost. If you would like to join us, be here at the senior center any Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning at 10 O’clock.
I received a notice, from the Offices of Medicare and Medicaid Services, regarding the issuance of new Medicare cards coming sometime in April of this year.  They will no longer have your Social Security Number on them, instead they will have a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier Number or an MBI number. From the example they sent, it looks to me like a complicated password.  They will be arriving in your mail boxes in late Summer of this year.  I’m sure more information will be available as Summer approaches. 
Looking forward to February, our monthly shopping trip to Ontario will be on Tuesday February 13th.  The signup sheet is already on the front table so if you have an interest in going, please sign up.  The trip includes pickup and delivery of you and your packages.
Marilyn Billings has started taking blood Pressures again, but our cuff is reading on the high side.  I’m going to try to find a larger cuff to use with our machine.  Sometimes if the cuff is too small, the meter just doesn’t read right.  The next Blood Pressure clinic will be on Wednesday, February 28th.  Next month’s foot clinic will be on Monday, February 26th.  If you need to have your toenails trimmed, give me a call at 208-257-3358.  There are still a few appointments available.
Mark your calendars’ for Friday, February 9th.  We are having a Baked Potato bar, silent Auction and Bake sale starting at 5 pm and ending at 7 on that day.  Yes, there will be a silent auction!  There are some nice items that are available for bid.  You can start making bids as early as Wednesday, February 7th but the sale will end with the ending of the baked potato bar.  I will try to have a listing of what is available next week.
On Friday, February 2nd, we are having Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, garlic bread, pears and dessert.  Wednesday, February 7th Roast Pork is on the menu with mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, applesauce, salad, lima beans and Banana bars.
 Friday, February 9th we are having our Baked Potato Bar, Silent Auction and Bake sale fund raiser.  I hope to see you there!
Until next time, stay warm and cozy, and if you are sick, stay home.  What is going around is nasty stuff and we don’t need to spread it to our friends and neighbors.  If you are sick and want a meal, give me a call here at the center, I will deliver one to you.  See you next week.