By Gary Eller

Jeremy Garrett, the band leader, is a reknowned Nashville based fiddler who has performed with Dolly Parton, among many other greats of country and bluegrass music, as well as being an in-demand recording session musician.

Jeremy is the son of Glen Garrett who teaches at Weiser guitar camp. The Garrrets lived in Caldwell. He and his dad were mainstays at the Weiser campgrounds during fiddle week from the time he could hold a fiddle but I don't know that Jeremy ever entered a contest. His fiddling joy was playing bluegrass and improvising in the campground jams.

After high school, Jeremy and his Dad and two other local musicians (Honey Deaton was one of them) moved to Nashville and played the national bluegrass festival circuit for many years as The Grasshoppers. After that, Glen played for many notable bluegrass bands and was a a session musician and recording engineer.

For the past few years, Glen and his wife Evelyn have been touring the country in a renovated bus. They have again become mainstays of the Weiser campground picking.