Midvale Column 1.31.18
January exited the Midvale area this week leaving fog and about two inches of frozen, settled snow. Very beautiful but chilly, and our condolences go out to those of you whose work requires you to be out in it! Jack just came in from a futile attempt to plow out our driveway but succeeded only in nearly sinking the old Massey Ferguson into the mud! 
Valentines Bake Sale  will be sponsored by the Lions' Club on Tuesday, February 13 in the newly remodeled center section of the Mercantile. Watch for more info to come. 
Midvale School...  Thanks to school secretary Sherry Crawford for bringing us up-to-date on the school schedule.  (Apologies from your reporter for missing them the last few weeks!) Girls basketball District games are scheduled for Feb. 1, 3, 6 and 8, and their State Tournament  will be on February 10, location unknown at this time.
The boys'  basketball schedule includes a game in Council on Feb. 2 at 6:00 pm. Then on Feb. 7 their game versus Meadows will be held in Cambridge at 6:00 pm. 
Gift Shop... A reminder that the "Midvale Merchants in the Store" will be held at 6:00 pm this  Friday, Feb 2, and those of you who would like to create a Valentine Candy Bouquet can sign up by contacting Sharon Widner at 369-6395 or Jaimie Loucks or sign up on  the web page. 
 Another Reminder...  Don't forget to make note on your calendar of the  Cambridge/Midvale Senior Center's Baked Potato Bar and chocolate bake sale fundraiser on Friday, February 9 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  The center depends on these fundraisers to keep their doors open for the Wednesday and Friday meals. 
Doris Jean Dale's  granddaughter Jennifer Hedreck came from McCall Saturday in the snowstorm to visit Grandma for a day. They attended the ladies' tea party at the Baptist Church at noon. "For the lunch we had eight different salads, vegetable and fruit trays and three layer lemon dessert. For the program, Pauli Lewman talked about getting to know Jesus and her reconciliation with her mother. Also, Laurel Sherman and Amberlyn Felts sang two songs. There were 32 attending and it was a very enjoyable tea party.
"After the party, Jennifer stayed until 3:00 pm and then went back to New Meadows. Snow still falling but melting. Her husband, Dan Hedrick, and three other couples had come from Portland, Oregon on Thursday with four snowmobiles and they went snowmobiling around McCall and the New Meadows area. They enjoyed seeing the ice sculptures and were to watch the fireworks in the evening in McCall and leave for home on Monday." 
Cambridge Bible Church, which includes a number of Midvale folks, held their annual meeting on January 28, preceded by a soup and sandwich potluck which featured seven crock pots of soup, mountains of sandwiches, platters of cookies and a good time of fellowship. 
Jack and Elsie were again blessed when daughters Valerie and April came up from Boise Saturday to clean our house! Every-other-Saturday they "divide and conquer" to clean the main part of the house (kitchen, dining room and office) and then take us out for a delicious lunch at the Country Coffee Cabin. In addition, April brought a lovely bouquet of  large, pink, long-stemmed roses to join the beautiful pink poinsettia she gave us in December. I include this story to  encourage other "adult kids" to help out their ageing parents. 
Midvale Mercantile... When your reporter called the store on Monday,  Pam Carpenter reported that not much has been happening except for the newspaper folks who meet there every Thursday morning. The group that gathers to discuss the next issue of the News Reporter includes Lyle Sall, Bonnie Evans, Cindy Hale, Norman Dopf and Elsie Coburn. We appreciate the store providing a comfortable place for the meetings! 
The Full Moon on Wednesday, January 31, is noteworthy for the fact that it was the second one this month, and if you got up early enough on Wednesday morning you saw another eclipse! A bit of trivia that Jack just offered is that Ground Hog Day is on Friday, January 2, but unless this fog lifts, Mr. Groundhog won't see his shadow in Middle Valley! 
 Owl Tale...  from the Coburns. Monday evening we heard two owls "talking" to each other in our yard from separate trees. Jack opened the sliding glass door a crack to hear better and our young kitty Lucille zipped outdoors to investigate and wasn't about to come back in! There were some tense moments until Jack coaxed her back in by rattling the bag of her favorite treats. (She would have made a tasty tidbit for those owls!) Then Jack shut the very irritated kitty in the porch and "talked" to the owls until they moved to trees closer to the house and he stopped the game! Lucille spent the rest of the night staring out the door and listening for the big birds to return.