Sometimes life has a crazy way of reorganizing your plans. We may have the best intentions, but we get caught up in busy schedules leaving very little time to do the things we really enjoy the most. That is what is happening in our corner of the world. With all that is going on in our lives and with our team, it has been difficult for me to write as much as I like. Besides this blog, I also write for Into the Fray Radio. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing, but as of now it is just not possible. So, from now on, I will be doing a monthly article. It makes me sad because you all are extended family to us and we will miss our frequent visits here, but we will be dropping in monthly now and visit Weiser every chance we get.

With that being said, we recently recieved some very exciting news for our team. I have been asked to represent our team as a Guest Speaker at the 7th annual Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon in March. This is an amazing honor which touched my heart deeply. I have been asked to share my experiences as a Paranormal Investigator. As many of you know, my personal mission is to educate others that work in the paranormal field to be more empathetic and respectful to their clients. As an Investigator, it's easy to get hyped up for an investigation. But you must keep your wits about you. What I expect from my team is to take the time to stop and take a look around at our location, it's history and most importantly, our clients thoughts and feelings about everything. Some clients are frightened out of their minds, others are okay with what's going on, but want answers as to whom may be there or why. Either way, our client's feelings are the priority. When I asked for help from another team from Boise to help with the extreme activity we had in our former home, I was degraded and not believed by the Administrator in front of my family in our own home. This bad experience is what drove me to form our team and still drives me everyday. No one should EVER be made to feel that way! This is why I am so driven to educate others in the field and why I am so honored to be asked to speak at the conference. 

In other news, we are currently busy working on setting up 3 investigations, one of which is in Weiser, which is very exciting to us. We will keep you posted on details next time.

On behalf of our V.P.S. family, we would like to thank you for your outstanding support. Until next time...

Deborah Frediani - V.P.S. Founder/Case Manager