With such a mild winter this year some of Weiser High Track and Field athletes are itching to get the season started. For four of these athletes this meant getting some skills and practice in before the season starts. Colton Burr, LynnZ Rasmussen, Cami Rodriguez and Victoria Wyss have already started tying their laces in anticipation of the season. All four took some time to attend different camps and clinics to jump start the 2018 track and field season.

Rasmussen and Wyss attended the 2018 National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nevada. The Summit is designed to gather those who have a passion for this unique sport to help educate and motivate the athletes to achieve their personal best. Rasmussen and Wyss attended clinics that focused on basic skills, fundamentals, and muscle memory exercises. Rasmussen stated that her favorite part about the Summit was, “Getting to take the things I learned in the clinics and apply them.” Both ladies had the opportunity to compete with other pole vaulters from around the country. A unique thing to this Summit is getting to meet pole vaulting stars. Wyss shared that this was her favorite part of the Summit, “I really liked getting to meet and watch the pole vaulters themselves.” Rasmussen and Wyss got the opportunity to meet Olympic Pole Vaulter, Silver Medalist, Sandi Morris. Both girls have the goal to vault nine feet this season and to have a chance to compete at State.

Burr has started gearing up for the track and field season by attending the YMCA Indoor Track Camp to work on his skills in shot put, “I wanted to work harder than anyone in my 3A division. I figured since I was not taking wrestling this year I could attend the indoor track camp and get in shape for the season.” Burr shared that the camp taught basic skills, including mind set before you throw. He liked that everyone there was serious about learning and doing their best, “Since we all had paid to attend the camp, everyone was actually getting stuff done. They wanted to throw and not just hang out.” Burr is determined to make his Senior year in track and field pay off, not only did he attend this most recent camp, but he also attended the Simplot Track Camp over the summer. Burr shared his goals stating, “My goals for this year is to be back to back District Champion for shot put and District Champion for discus. I want to throw 55 feet in shot put and 150 in discus. I also want to place high at State, first would be great, but its Districts that I am going for.” Burr competed at the Nike Invitational on February 3rd and placed 6th out of about twenty competitors for shot put.

Rodriguez took a different route to get ready for the season, she sought out personal training from Amanda Stone form Small Town Fitness for shot put training, “I originally didn't want to train, but I thought it would be a good idea because it is my senior year. I really wanted to get the technique down.” Rodriguez  has been training every weekday for about an hour after school,  working on drills and weights mainly focused to strengthen her shoulders and legs. She too has her sight set on State, “I want to go to State for shot put for sure and I want to PR by at least an inch or so at every track meet this season.”   

Although each of these athletes are taking different paths to train and prepare for the Track and Field season, there is no doubt that they all are working hard to achieve their goals. These and other athletes are a great example as to why Weiser High School has such great sports programs.  We wish these athletes  great success and good luck to all the Weiser High Track and Field team this season.  


Rasmussen, Wyss, & Sandi Morris Photo Credit: Coach Doug Applegate

Burr Photo Credit: Connie Burr

Rodriguez Photo Credit: Amanda Stone