The Weiser Elks #1683 are hosting a "Free Brisket Dinner" for the community. This is a thank you dinner for anyone able to come and enjoy. The Weiser Elks help our community a lot, I know that they reach even up to McCall to help youth and Veterans. This video is an invitation to a Free Brisket Dinner which is Friday, February 16th at 6:pm at the Weiser Elks Lodge, across from City Hall,  38 W Idaho St.

You can give them a call if you have questions about anything in this video at (208) 549-9922.

This video is also an introduction of some of the many things that they do in our community. The Elks are one of the largest donators to many thing, including anything that support youth programs and veterans, also community improvements and scholarships. 

Enjoy this 10 minute video to see what our local Elks do for us.