By Elsie Coburn

 Janalee Schrader shares some of the events on February 9 involving herself,  her Mom Ethel Jessup, younger sister Margie Cooper, younger brother Junior Pew and sister-in-law Sharon Pew.
"Aunt Margie drove Mom, Uncle Junior and Aunt Sharon to my work office in downtown Boise, Idaho Education News.   Aunt Sharon stayed in the car as she is not able to walk without a walker. The rest of them came into my office and I gave them a tour.
"We then walked a block and a half over to the Idaho Capitol building in the hopes of visiting with Secretary of State Lawrence Denney. (Who is from Midvale and I babysat his kids when I was in high school). My Uncle Junior had never been to the Statehouse in all of his almost 80 years so it was very cool that he could see it.  Lawrence Denney  invited us back into his office. We had a nice visit with him for about 15 minutes and then one of his staff took a picture of all of us in front of the Idaho State Seal that is on the wall in his receptionist area. He also signed a book for Mom that gives the names and pictures of past legislators and some Idaho history. I think she was going to give that book to the 4th grade class in Midvale or the Library. 
"In the meantime, Aunt Margie and Uncle Junior took a little self-guided tour of the capitol building and also got to see the House in session.
"We walked back to Bannock street and met up with Aunt Sharon.  My work office building is owned by Alan Noble who is 89 years old and the owner of Farm Development Corp.  Mom, Aunt Margie and I went into Alan's office and visited with him for about 15 minutes. It was a successful trip all the way around."