By Marsha Woods
As usual, when my world is quiet; alone with only a mind that wanders like a compass caught in a magnetic field, I was at once confused and yet at the same time compelled to stay the course. The compass never lies; it always leads you home!
Smiling at the irony, I began to contemplate the significance of “coming home!”  The reality was a revelation!!
As children, we read and dream about far off places as we study the pages of textbooks. We may secretly plan to find ways of escaping a world that, at the time has no recourse! That escape inevitably comes in the way of seeking education, or simply taking the opportunity to avoid maturity!
I was one of those who left for a time. Mind you, it was not of my choosing! Suffice it to say that marriage, husband and career come first!
The years that I spent away, I have to admit, were definitely an education! I did not obtain a paper degree; however I earned a PHD in life! I matured; I grew! And yet, there was always a part of me that belonged somewhere else!
What I was missing, the void that nagged me was dissipated the moment that the opportunity of coming home was introduced! From the moment I crossed the border of my past, I realized that the welcome of my future awaited me!
Today, as I stand on the thresholds of a town who nurtured me, I see change, but I also see an idealism that has never altered!
Whoever said,” you can’t go home again,” may have had an idealistic philosophy, but they never lived in a community filled with unity, connection or the security of trust! Whoever said it never lived in Weiser, Idaho!
Whoever said it never gave up a glamorous life on a cruise ship to chance making chocolate? Who else would give up a successful career to return  with the simple intention of caring for ailing parents, willing to give it all up, and yet find a uniquely innovative way to give his community online information, not only to his town, but to others across the world?
Who else spends years on education only to return to a place where he was mentored to not only share his knowledge, but to build a business that induces enthusiasm that turns heads and induces a passion to recreate the past with a determination to develop a music festival unlike his peers have ever witnessed?
Some may leave; some may never go, however, as the saying goes, “there is no place like home!” Home is a place where the doors are always open; home is where one in need never suffers a moment of aloneness! Even those who visit are enamored by the ambience and stay due to the aura of old fashioned values!
Home is comfort; home is security! Home is the envelopment of love and assurance! Home is a respite of companionship! Home says that no one will ever suffer need or celebration of accomplishment! Home says family no matter the relationship!
There really is no place like home! We may leave; we may experience; we may gain and we may lose! Accordingly, we may question why the draw of home is so strongly imbedded when times get tough in our lives! But, in the end, when disillusionment in a bigger world becomes a detriment, the reality of home is beyond resistance!
You really can come home again!