Winter Weather  finally found the Middle Valley! Temperatures have varied between a high of 50 and a low of 15 degrees the past two weeks. On Monday the snow measured at about four inches but the sun was shining brightly and reflecting off the snow. Very beautiful!
Midvale School… Congratulations to the High School Tri-Valley Titans’ basketball team who will compete in the State Tournament on March 1-2-3 at the Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian. The last Titan Junior High home game will be on March 13 versus Council in Midvale at 4:30.
A Wax Museum will be hosted by the fourth and fifth grades at 2:30 on March 21 in the Multi-Purpose Room.  
Lee Horning, of Deary, Idaho, called to chat and to tell us about his friends, Trent and Hilary Rappe (pronounced Raffa) who moved  from Donnelly to Midvale two months ago. They have 12 year-old twin boys, Jones and Jaxon, and a 13 year-old daughter, Beaux. During the ensuing phone interview with Trent, I learned they live a mile north of Midvale on 80 acres that they purchased from Bill Griffin. They plan to replace the alfalfa with pasture, raise cattle, pigs and chickens and own a black horse. In fact, the name of their ranch is Black Horse. Welcome to Midvale! 
Midvale Librarian Heather Dixon was “back on the job” on Monday, at her doctor’s orders, after a four-week absence and surgery two weeks ago due to a foot injury. She is still using crutches and wearing a “boot” on the injured foot. A plan is being worked out for someone to be available at the library door to help her inside each day when she arrives, get the flag out, etc., and again when she closes down at 5:00. 
Many books and movies have been given to the library and Heather sends a BIG THANKS to everyone who donated them. Assistant Librarian Suzanne Ash was there on Monday, helping Heather get the books incorporated into the library.
Steve and Bonnie Evans drove to Salt Lake City last week to visit his sister Karen and her ailing husband Greg.  He has been battling cancer and Karen is his caregiver.  While Greg was admitted to a respite care center for a few days, Karen was able to enjoy getting out and around with Steve and Bonnie. 
Karen drove through the high speed SLC traffic, taking Steve and Bonnie to dinner at her daughter's apartment in downtown, to the five-story SLC library with clear glass elevators above the very large lobby, a museum featuring the history of flight, and the Olympic Oval near her house.  The 2002 winter games were held there and it was great fun to see where the ice skaters competed.  The Olympic rings hang on the wall and huge signs list U.S. competitors from 2002 to now.  It is now used for open skating and hockey teams.  Surrounding the ice they have laid an indoor track for walkers and runners.
Thanks to daughter Diane, Steve and Bonnie were able to stay in a Marriott Residence Inn with a room similar to a studio apartment, and downstairs were full breakfasts on real plates!
Jan Miller was badly injured and trapped in her vehicle on February 19 in a single-vehicle accident on Highway 95 one mile north of the Mann Creek store. Weiser firemen used tools to extricate Jan and she was taken by air to St. Alphonsus Hospital in Boise “for a week or so” with non-life threatening injuries.   Her daughter has come to be with her.  We thank God that Jan’s injuries weren’t any worse and pray for a swift recovery. Also pray for strength for her caretaker, Mama Kay.